Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blog #35: Game

One of the really fantastic things going on in my life lately is the variety and excitement in my weekend plans. Instead of doing the same thing every weekend, I've had different people to hang out with and activities to enjoy. Probably my favorite thing is that I've had a chance to spend a lot of time "out" with my favorite girlfriends. Three of the past four weekends have included GNO type nights and I've got another one tomorrow. Being out and feeling like I look good is always a good time. The problem, though, is that I have absolutely zero game. Don't get me wrong, I don't have any interest in "hook ups", and I don't believe there's very much relationship potential with the guys that I meet while I'm out. I just wish that I could have a conversation and even flirt a little and enjoy some male attention. And I'm just not sure why that never happens for me (well, not when I'm at my most lucid anyway - if you know what I mean). Let me share with you my strategy: Step 1: Go to a local watering hole with two of your married friends and sit at a table. Step 2: Notice a very attractive guy sitting at the bar. Discuss with your friends. Step 3: Come up with several hilarious lines that you would use as opening lines in a conversation. Do not actually walk up to the guy and say any of these things. Step 4: Find a reason to walk by where the guy is sitting and then back to your table. Repeat once or twice. Step 5: While back at your table with your friends, pretend to make "come hither" faces while his back is turned. Step 6: Laugh at the very drunk girl hitting on the attractive guy. Step 7: Go up to the bar right next to attractive guy's spot. Do not make eye contact with attractive guy. Order a water. Go back to your table. Step 8: Animatedly engage in very exclusive people watching with your friends, so that it's clear you're not really interested in allowing new people into the circle. Step 9: Occasionally glance at attractive guy to see if he looks your way. Step 10: Pay your tab and leave. See, I just don't get why that doesn't work.

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