Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blog #37: I'm calling it Skinny Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday. I actually am kind of disgusted with the idea of a holiday with the word "fat" in the title so I am celebrating the fact that I weigh about 3 pounds less than usual today and plan to maintain that by NOT overindulging on crappy food. Maybe instead I will indulge in other kinds of guilty pleasures, like that Keri Hilson song, Pretty Girl Rock. She is an inspiration to girls everywhere. I told everyone on Facebook about how much I hoped my Research Design test was a test on how good I was at taking tests rather than a test on how much effort I've actually put into the class so far. (Aren't status updates wonderful? They're like mini little blogs that that people actually read. Or at least, I actually read everyone's status updates, but I am kind of loserish and a little obsessive compulsive in the need to be caught up on all my social media.) Anyhow, the good news is, it was. It was a test written basically like every other test I've taken and I happen to have this God-given ability to excel at taking tests even when I have decided not to prepare too seriously for them. This is good news because we've been in class for a good 6 weeks or something ridiculous like that and it has not even been a full week since I finally bought my text book. Additionally, I gave up on reading it after I came across this sentence, "Probably the most popular part of the internet is the World Wide Web." Okay, so I didn't necessarily give up on reading it at that point because then I was intrigued at what else awesome it might say and it did not disappoint when it used "search engine" as a bolded vocabulary word. So, instead of saying I gave up on reading it at that point in Chapter 3 (about gathering sources for a lit review) I should say I gave up taking it seriously. I gave up taking the class seriously before it started because that is what happens when you're about to take a class you really didn't want to take in the first place so you put it off to the last possible moment. I will keep going though because my teacher is a funny lady and I like funny ladies. Also, because despite the very little amount of motivation I have for the class, I still need to finish the program with a cumulative 4.0. Missing out at this point would be beyond demoralizing. I would talk about my weekend now but as wonderful as it was, it was also exhausting and talking about it is only going to negate the effects of the extra strength 5 hour energy shot I downed this morning. I'm debating throwing in a coffee because I have this weird, high risk addicition to caffeine but I am also neurotic about heart attacks so I'll probably hold off awhile. I did pick up these glasses though: Please don't judge me for buying $10 non prescription glasses. I actually do have the need for and occasionally wear prescription glasses and mine are like 4 years old and I need to get an eye exam and get new ones and I have been wanting to try these but just wasn't sure how much I would like them in the long run and if I was actually cool enough to pull them off so I thought I would spend $10 at Charming Charlie now and give them a test run rather than spending $300 only to find out that I can't pull them off. WOW, that was a long sentence. I better take a break.

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