Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blog #148: Christmas and things.


It's only been 2 days! That's way better than two months and I am going to buy myself a present to celebrate.

Just kidding. I've had plenty of presents the past couple weeks days. I've given myself quite a special Christmas. Once you're a grown up that's kind of on you to spoil yourself a little bit, though I had some help from the boyfriend and my family and as always, my boss. This was my first Christmas that I've ever spent away from my mom. I was a little sad about it, but was welcomed into my boyfriend's family Christmas and had a great time visiting with his family and only being slightly hyper competitive while playing Pitch.

I mostly just wanted to show you some of the fun we've been having the past week or so. Boyfriend & I had our Christmas night out and gift exchange on the 19th so that we could do something just the two of us. We exchanged gifts, had dinner at Pierponts, then watched some Parks and Rec to close out the evening. It was wonderful. As I said Monday, he got me a handy dandy digital camera. In addition to that I got some tokens to Quay Coffee and an adorable print of a picture of us in NYC. I got him a Coach messenger bag filled with electrical tape, scissors, and pita chips. I guess you can say that our first gift exchange was a raging success.

Merry Christmas!
Christmas Tree at Union Station
Reaction when someone is having more fun with my present than me.

Union Station

 Christmas Eve festivities involved a birthday lunch for his mom at Chapell's in North Kansas City, some last minute shopping at Zona Rosa (I only lost him once.), a race against the clock at Hyvee before they closed for the night, and then snacks and punch at my dad & stepmom's house in Gardner. We got all kinds of goodies there and finished off the evening sipping wine and watching Christmas Vacation - a movie which will never get old for me.

Christmas morning! I made Chris Cakes pancakes (I tinkered a bit with the recipe so we called them "Riss Cakes") with a homemade syrup that would make Buddy the Elf proud. Then, we made a quick stop to spread some Christmas cheer to my sister before it was off to BF's parents' in Kearney. I MAY have gorged myself on crackers and spreads and turkey and rolls and potatoes and ice cream cake but you'll never prove it. We had a delightful time and I'm so grateful that I could be included.

Unfortunately, only sporadic portions of the festivities were photographically documented due to my creative "storing" location for my camera and charger. It's in a different place every time. The adventure happens when I try to remember where I put it.


We enjoyed fiddling with the settings on the camera to get some pretty colorful pictures.

Boyfriend always pointing camera at me.


Someone likes tools.

More to come after the New Year's weekend extravaganza in Austin! Our flight leaves at 6am Friday which though I'm pretty sure is illegal at least puts us in Austin early enough to count Friday as a whole day. But 6am? Who's idea was that? (I think it was mine.)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Blog #147: Has it been 2 months?

Here's the thing. I've probably thought about a handful or more of things that would be funny or interesting (to me anyway) to write that were more than a tweet or facebook status but less than a blog somehow. And I thought that if I actually sat with them long enough one of them would magically blossom into an actual blog post. What I didn't count on, which is silly because it's basically what I do, is that I would forget about all those things and then mosey over here randomly on Christmas Eve only to see that I haven't written anything here in two months.

I'm still alive.

Here are a few basics, then I'll try to actually get something going for real in the new year (with help from a nice new little digital camera... my gift from a wonderful boyfriend).

1. My post-grad/relationship weight gain is gone! Thanks to my fitbit, myfitnesspal, and my obsessive tendencies, I've gotten 10lb lighter in the past 3 months! Slow and steady wins the race. I wouldn't mind 3-5lb more so I'm going to keep up with it, but my clothes are fitting well again and my next goal will just be to get more fit and toned. I just need to make it to January 1 without gaining it all back! (I'm looking at you, Christmas cookies.)

2. After Christmas celebrations this week with Kansas City family, Eric and I are headed to Austin to party up the new year Texas style with my parents. Good times shall be had by all and as always, I don't guarantee I won't fall in love with the city too hard this time to come back.

3. To be continued (in less than 2 months) because it's Christmas Eve and I've gotta go!

Merry Christmas. Tidings of Comfort and Joy to you and yours!