Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blog #113: I'm thankful for...

  • A job wherein I can legit say "we've got a photo shoot for our Fittest Exec Challenge today and wellness meeting at 7am tomorrow." In a time where anyone ought to be thankful to just be employed at all, I am beyond lucky to have a great job with a great boss that provides me different opportunities for learning and growth every day and allows me the flexibility to pursue my Master's degree.
  • The opportunity to pursue a Master's degree in a field I'm passionate about - complete with an internship that allows me the honor and the privilege to sit with people in intense moments of grief.
  • That I have never ever been hungry and wondered how I would eat.
  • That I have never ever been cold and wondered how I would get warm.
  • That I have never wondered if I would have a safe place to sleep.
  • That I have always been healthy (physically and for the most part mentally)
  • My wonderful and big family who I don't see as much as I wish I could. Every time I get to see them, I'm reminded of all the love we're so lucky to have for one another.
  • Grace & forgiveness that I couldn't earn if I tried.
  • The luxury of a safe and fuel efficient vehicle to carry me through my daily travels.
  • Friends near and far who will get excited about little things with me and take the time to indulge in little celebratory texts or phone calls - and the opportunity to do the same for them.
  • The ability to stay connected in busy times through texting or social media - with both my friends and my family.
  • A deep appreciation for music and books... and the resources to indulge in that appreciation.
  • Air travel and the resources/opportunity to use it to see long distance family for special days like Thanksgiving.
What are you thankful for this year?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Blog #112: An Open Letter to my Upstairs Neighbor

Dear Upstairs Neighbor,
I'm proud of you for being responsible and wanting to have clean laundry. Really. That's something that I typically only get to about once a month. Kudos, you. I'm a little concerned, though, at your timing. As you're aware, we live in an apartment complex in which the laundry hookups are in the bedroom. And your apartment is directly on top of mine, therefore your washing machine is directly on top of my bedroom. This isn't a problem, really, if we both agree that 11:30 on a weeknight is not an appropriate time to run your washing machine unless it's one of those super quiet fancy ones. Which, here's a pro tip for you: it's not. Plus, I think you might need to readjust the alignment because I don't think it should be shaking as much as it does. You're probably damaging it... and the walls.
I'm glad I got to bring up that your bedroom is above my bedroom because that leads me to my next point. Look, I am happy you're in love. At least I assume you are. If you're not, whatever it's your life. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm thrilled that you're "getting some". That's really great for you. I wish you the best of luck with it all. But remember the thing about your bedroom being right above my bedroom? Unless you have one of those mattresses that don't spill wine when you bounce (and I am fairly certain you do not) 5am on a Saturday morning is a completely ridiculous time to be moving and shaking. Let me tell you a little about myself. I work 16 hour days 4 days a week, 8 hours on Friday, and then on Saturdays I still get up around 7:30 to go into my internship. When I hear rhythmic thuds at 5am that wake me up and don't allow me to go back to sleep, I get a cranky face. Other times that rhythmic thuds interrupting my precious, precious sleep will give me the cranky face (for your reference): anytime between midnight and 5am Monday-Friday.
Look, I am a fairly good neighbor. I am barely ever home and I always get back too late to take the good spots in our parking lot which leaves them open for you. Yes, I occasionally interrupt your loving times by beating my fist angrily on the ceiling but that's just my way of trying to communicate to you that I have to wake up in 3 hours and I wish you would wait until daylight. All I ask in reciprocation is for you to respect the evening hours more consistently. I don't think it's asking much.
PS: Are you a giant, ogre or troll? I've never met you but from the sounds you make when you walk around your apartment, you are roughly 12 feet tall and 600 pounds.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog #111: Vintage Blogging, Sophomore Year

Sophomore Year:
He goes to MO West which I affectionately call "K-Mart College".

My cell phone is at the Burger King in the Denver International Airport. (see, losing important things is a habit I've had for awhile.)

Bob Costas is super cool. (I still think that!)

Today my media writing teacher walked into the room wearing shorts that seemed shorter than what a man should wear. They weren't terrible. Just slightly distracting.

We're going out to lunch at a sandwich shop tomorrow. That's what we do. We go to sandwich shops. If you have a problem with that you should see our manager. That might be difficult though because we don't have one.

My hope for today is that today would be as great a day to be a Chiefs fan as  yesterday was to be a Bearcat. If the Chiefs beat the Broncos tonight, that would also combine some of my favorite things: 1. the Chiefs, 2. football, and 3. winning.

In our bathroom here at South Complex, there is a toilet that we call the "uber flusher". When you flush it, it goes for a solid 2 minutes... at least. Really gets the toilet bowl clean.

i went and played some flamingo football. the girls lost but we had fun. i tackled boys and got tackled a couple of times and now i'm kinda sore.

my roommate rocks like one hot piece of pumice.

now that i'm not a teenager anymore maybe i should try to be a little less silly... but then, where would the fun be in life?

will somebody please bring me a lozenge? or some soup? hot chocolate? ice cream? humidifier? hot bath? nyquil? my mom? a day off? a million dollars?

There are 2 kinds of people in this world. Those who sleep on the top bunk... and those who only wish they did...

so that's 15 credit hours plus 12 hours of work scattered throughout... but i think i'm going to give it all up and become professionally good looking like derek zoolander -OMG - I seriously want this schedule back.


saturday night we went to a bonfire with mostly a bunch of people we didn't know. there was hobbling girl, face boy, and conversation girl... among others.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blog #110: Vintage Blogging, Freshman year

So, I rediscovered my Xanga the other day, and thought it might be fun to share some quotes from when I was stupid and naive younger and more innocent with you. So that's what's going to happen this week.
From Freshman Year:  
"So it's off to the far away place called homework land, where every minute is an adventure...or...something...like...that..."

"There are worse things than having acute sinusitis. For example, I could have an ugly sinusitis... I mean let's face it... not everyone is as lucky as I am to have such a good looking sinusitis. When the nurse lady person told me that I had acute sinusitis... all I could do was smile and say thank you, because I just know that someone like her must see an awful lot of sinusitis and for her to say I have acute sinusitis... well, it just means a lot. Haha, I bet she's seen really ugly sinusitus. But like I said... we can't all have acute sinusitis. I consider myself lucky."

"On a lighter note, last night, during the candelight part of our Christmas Eve Service, my little sister caught on fire."

"Happy Study Day everyone. I'm celebrating by swinging the cramming bat at the biology pinata right now."

I'm thinking of throwing a huge kegger. I mean, isn't that what all the cool kids do when their parents go out of town? That's what I've heard anyway... when my parents go out of town I usually just play my cds really loud on the sound system and dance on the coffee table pretending to be a rock star. That's probably what I'll end up doing.

I didn't go to any of my classes today. I slept until 1pm  - the day after the AMAZING Yellowcard/Something Corporate concert I went to at the Beaumont my freshman year.

I just try to be funny sometimes. I'm not very good at it.

Bad news, the ice cream place on campus is out of the soft serve ice cream that they use to make my reeses peanut butter cup blasts. If I would have known yesterday that the blast I was eating was my last one for the school year I would have savored it so much more.

May is going to fly by like a freakin bat. Because man, bats can fly fast. Not a baseball bat... a real bat, though I suppose a baseball bat could fly fast too if someone threw it hard enough. But that's beside the point

I'm glad I only have to be a freshman twice in my life. Because man, no one likes freshmen. It's even worse to be a freshman for the second time because you know that when you were in high school and you were a sophomore, junior, or senior, you really just didn't like the freshmen, they were annoying. Then you go on to college and you are a freshman and you just have this feeling of annoyance with yourself just for being a freshman. You're like "man... freshmen are so annoying, wait, i am one...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" And now that feeling is over for me.

Oh yeah, I took Catharine's advice and got myself some pimp names.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog #109: Well.

Some of my favorite nights ever have involved me losing my keys in some way shape or form.

This weekend was no exception.

Although I really should do something about my tendency to lose important things.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog #108: The Contents of My Desktop (physical, not software) by Marissa

I am always working in basically what appears to be chaotic disaster at my desk. Here are some things you will see around me if you looked at my desk right now:

  • Salt & pepper in disposable shakers: because you never know when your working lunch might be a little bland.
  • A box of Optimal Support packets by Mannatech - vitamin supplements I take twice a day because typically, if a lunch is able to be a "working lunch" it is not full of nutritional value and is usually just a granola bar or coffee (neither of which I add salt or pepper to)
  • Several empty Optimal Support packets by Mannatech - I'm not the best at throwing things away even though my trash can is literally directly behind me.
  • 6 bottles of nail polish - 3 Essie, 2 OPI, and a Sally Hansen all in various shades from red to coral to mint to beige. I do my best nail work when I get to work early.
  • A speaker dock for my iPod that is not currently plugged in - I haven't listened to my iPod at my desk in months. Not since I discovered Spotify and XM on my laptop.
  • My Macky - My 2007 black macbook sits open and playing music all day long
  • A small stuffed "Cookie Monster" that makes noises when you knock him down. - I have no rational explanation for this. He's not even my favorite Sesame Street character (GROVER4LYFE). Suffice it to say it was an inside joke with my boss.
  • Two plastic star trophies - One for winning "improv night" at my cousin's birthday party and the other for being a "Star Volunteer" at Solace House. I love a good trophy.
  • A hair brush, a small mirror, and a pack of bobby pins - for midday grooming Also included here would be the tube of mascara and the powder brush in the back that I don't think I've used in over a year.
  • A tiny replica of the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland - my cousin asked what she could bring me back from Scotland and I told her "A CASTLE." She took me seriously.
  • Various lotions and hand sanitizers - whether I need to feel clean or moisturized or both - I have a solution.
  • My Garmin cup that I've been refilling 5 times a day with water since I bought it when I worked at Garmin in 2008 - Boss gives me grief for this occasionally, but I love that cup.And I always drink out of a straw
  • Coffee cup from my best friend that I fill up with 12oz of coffee and drink first thing every morning when I come to work - I should probably wash it more often
  • Tide pen - I am accident prone
  • Goo be Gone - because in keeping with my tendency to ruin things, the sticky tack stuff I used to pin up my bulletin board may or may not have screwed up the walls.
  • Glasses cleaner 
  • Aleve - I rarely take this anymore, but always keep a full supply on hand because my boss often has sore muscles from all of his sports playing. 
  • Business cards strewn in a disorganized manner
  • Personalized invitations to the holiday party
  • Inspirational Maya Angelou quote
  • Printout from "Stuff No One Told Me."
  • Random Piece of foam
  • Bracelets
  • stray staples
  • USB cords
  • tape measure
  • bowl I eat oatmeal from sometimes in the morning
  • various keys, desk supplies
  • phone
  • monitors
  • stands to hold more junk
This is actually pretty out of control. I'm going to try to get a semblance of order now.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Blog #107: Nevermind I hate football. Also, every sport.

I'm going to become a master crafter instead of ever caring about football again. Yarn and pipe cleaners may  not be as exciting but they also won't take my heart, put it in a blender, and press "liquefy". So they've got that going for them. All I need are some pinking shears and those bases to make wreaths and I will be unstoppable. Everyone better prepare for some kick ass homemade Christmas gifts because I"m about to have all kinds of Sunday free time.

Also, on Friday I cut most of my hair off. Well, I didn't do it, but my awesome stylist did and I like it a lot but I forgot my iPhone so I will have to upload photos to tell the story later.


*I was (kind of) in an earthquake and almost (but actually not really at all) almost died.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blog #106: Yes, I love football. No big.

So I like love football and I am a girl.And not the kind of "tomboy" girl who was raised with only brothers growing up and always played Madden instead of Barbies and hates to wear dresses (Though that girl is no less a woman than me.).  I have a difficult time grasping why this is such a big deal. Probably because I happen to have some wonderful women in my life who ALSO get passionate about a football team and love the game even though they TOO are also very fashionable and feminine women.

Yesterday as I was raving in great detail about the Monday Night Football Chiefs game in a morning meeting, one of my colleagues stopped me and asked, "Do you have brothers?"  And of course, I do. I have sisters too, though. And the majority of my time in childhood years was spent with a single Mom and a much older sister. And I would doubt that my brothers had much of an influence at all in how I started loving football. When I was growing up I rarely watched any game other than the Super Bowl and couldn't understand what was so good about a first down if you didn't get any points for it.
Chiefs Victory Lamp

However, the disbelief and fascination experienced by others when they first experience the depth and excitement in which I talk about football is a common occurrence. At the games, at the UPS store when I'm jawing with the guys about the most recent game, and at the office. It's always in complimentary fashion, but it does get a little old.

I started being really interested in football in high school. First, as a social outing and then as our team developed from a hapless perennial disappointment to state champions I recognized the excitement in the game. From the ages of 13 to probably 18 I liked it when the Chiefs won more out of relief that my stepdad would be in a better mood than any real allegiance.

It's Beautiful
In 2003, I was a freshman in college and THAT is when I really discovered and embraced the NFL. The Chiefs had a very exciting year going 9-0 before losing to The Bengals (who I will now forever despise) and then not making it past the first game of the playoffs (story of our lives.) I began watching games with our brother floor, and learning everything I could about it. The game requires intelligence, strategy, and physical excellence. It was enthralling.  My college was (and remains) big on our own football team and so college football began to be revealed to me as well. I loved it, and I didn't want to be one of those people (who, yes, are typically female) who tried to go to the games and engage but really didn't understand it. (There were girls like that behind me at Arrowhead Monday night. It was aggravating.) I was (and am) truly interested in the game's storylines, players, and rules.
w/my bro at the MNF Game

And now, more than ever, I love the sport. I love being at the games and being the "12th man" on defense. I love the sore throat and headache I have the day after a game. I love doing the tomahawk chop and the hey song. I love watching Tamba Hali knock Philip Rivers down by his ankle and sheer will. I love a good interception (as long as it's by MY team's defense) and a huge hit (again, my team.) I am excited by watching a receiver artfully tap both is toes in bounds just after securing the ball and before getting hit to fall out of bounds, a running back battling through the tackles to break a big run (especially if a QB throws a block. That's hot.). The intensity of a well done 2 minute drill makes my heart skip a beat. I love reading breakdowns of the games on various blogs (well, after a win at least) and watching replays of my favorite moments.
Victory walk out of Arrowhead Monday night

However, here are some things I ALSO love:
Nail Polish
Getting all dressed up
Chick Flicks
Fashion (and fashion blogs)
The red carpet at celebrity award shows
People Magazine
Music - especially the kind with thoughtful emotionally wrought lyrics and beautiful melodies
Kids(both my family members and the ones I have the joy of counseling)
Getting my hair washed at the salon

So there you have it. I'm a girl and I LOVE football. And it's really not that big of a deal.