Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blog #106: Yes, I love football. No big.

So I like love football and I am a girl.And not the kind of "tomboy" girl who was raised with only brothers growing up and always played Madden instead of Barbies and hates to wear dresses (Though that girl is no less a woman than me.).  I have a difficult time grasping why this is such a big deal. Probably because I happen to have some wonderful women in my life who ALSO get passionate about a football team and love the game even though they TOO are also very fashionable and feminine women.

Yesterday as I was raving in great detail about the Monday Night Football Chiefs game in a morning meeting, one of my colleagues stopped me and asked, "Do you have brothers?"  And of course, I do. I have sisters too, though. And the majority of my time in childhood years was spent with a single Mom and a much older sister. And I would doubt that my brothers had much of an influence at all in how I started loving football. When I was growing up I rarely watched any game other than the Super Bowl and couldn't understand what was so good about a first down if you didn't get any points for it.
Chiefs Victory Lamp

However, the disbelief and fascination experienced by others when they first experience the depth and excitement in which I talk about football is a common occurrence. At the games, at the UPS store when I'm jawing with the guys about the most recent game, and at the office. It's always in complimentary fashion, but it does get a little old.

I started being really interested in football in high school. First, as a social outing and then as our team developed from a hapless perennial disappointment to state champions I recognized the excitement in the game. From the ages of 13 to probably 18 I liked it when the Chiefs won more out of relief that my stepdad would be in a better mood than any real allegiance.

It's Beautiful
In 2003, I was a freshman in college and THAT is when I really discovered and embraced the NFL. The Chiefs had a very exciting year going 9-0 before losing to The Bengals (who I will now forever despise) and then not making it past the first game of the playoffs (story of our lives.) I began watching games with our brother floor, and learning everything I could about it. The game requires intelligence, strategy, and physical excellence. It was enthralling.  My college was (and remains) big on our own football team and so college football began to be revealed to me as well. I loved it, and I didn't want to be one of those people (who, yes, are typically female) who tried to go to the games and engage but really didn't understand it. (There were girls like that behind me at Arrowhead Monday night. It was aggravating.) I was (and am) truly interested in the game's storylines, players, and rules.
w/my bro at the MNF Game

And now, more than ever, I love the sport. I love being at the games and being the "12th man" on defense. I love the sore throat and headache I have the day after a game. I love doing the tomahawk chop and the hey song. I love watching Tamba Hali knock Philip Rivers down by his ankle and sheer will. I love a good interception (as long as it's by MY team's defense) and a huge hit (again, my team.) I am excited by watching a receiver artfully tap both is toes in bounds just after securing the ball and before getting hit to fall out of bounds, a running back battling through the tackles to break a big run (especially if a QB throws a block. That's hot.). The intensity of a well done 2 minute drill makes my heart skip a beat. I love reading breakdowns of the games on various blogs (well, after a win at least) and watching replays of my favorite moments.
Victory walk out of Arrowhead Monday night

However, here are some things I ALSO love:
Nail Polish
Getting all dressed up
Chick Flicks
Fashion (and fashion blogs)
The red carpet at celebrity award shows
People Magazine
Music - especially the kind with thoughtful emotionally wrought lyrics and beautiful melodies
Kids(both my family members and the ones I have the joy of counseling)
Getting my hair washed at the salon

So there you have it. I'm a girl and I LOVE football. And it's really not that big of a deal.

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