Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blog #105: Lately

Have you heard this song yet?
How about this one?

I'm in love with both songs and both of their beautiful female artists. (In a very heterosexual way, of course.) (Not that there would be anything wrong with the other way.) (I was just clarifying that my particular girl love happens to be platonic.) (Except maybe for how I feel about Kate Middleton. I don't know the right word for that infatuation.)

And now a list:
I went to visit best friend in STL and was thrilled to be able to cheer the Chiefs to victory over the Faiders with her.
2. Got some awesome products I ordered from Birchbox today! Ask me about Birchbox. It's awesome.
3. My boss's big charity event for Community Linc (provides housing for homeless/transitioning families), The Rent Party, was a hit!
4. Fall is the best season.
5. If I were to try my hand at fashion blogging, I would use a picture like this, and I would tell you that my shirt & vest were on sale at Old Navy, my jeans are Target from a few months back, and my boots are Steve Madden and yes, they are wonderful.

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