Friday, October 21, 2011

Blog #104: Singledom PERKS

As I sat in my bed last night solving logic puzzles on my iPad and eating microwave scalloped potatoes out of their serving dish, it occurred to me that I have been taking my singlehood for granted.

Seriously. I was eating cheesy carbs in bed and doing puzzles. I call that winning, but something tells me that wouldn't fly in a marriage. Or maybe it would. If you know a guy who doesn't mind bringing potatoes into the bedroom (to eat, pervs) let me know.

As if that isn't enough to convince you and me that being single is awesome (because that's what I'm going for here - for both of us) here are a few more perks of singledom:

1. I'm about to have my Master's Degree. Okay. I know there are plenty of happily married individuals with growing families that do this. I know myself, though. I'm very much 100% or 0% about most things. While it's not necessarily a strength, it still means that I would probably not have given up my time and energy to grad school if I were involved in a serious relationship (the one last year was well after grad school began).  It exhausts and stresses me out now, so I can only imagine managing a marriage or family on top of that. Kudos to you super men/women that do it.

2. Autonomy. If I'm not at work/internship/school, my time is MINE. I get to decide how I spend it. I get real stingy with my time because I don't have a luxury of it at the moment. And that's okay, because I haven't committed it to belong to anyone else (like you do in a marriage) so I can make plans at the last minute without checking with anyone or sit at home and drink wine and catch up on my DVR (which I like to call "Friday").

3.Weird eating habits. This actually might be more of a function of being single than a perk - but I don't mind it. Between work/internship/class I eat at weird times and not always normal things. Microwave scalloped potatoes isn't a normal evening snack but it was what I had on hand that was easy.

4. My space (not MySpace) is my space (not MySpace). I kind of like living alone. I get the whole closet to myself, don't have to fight with anyone over what shows to record on the DVR, and am in charge of whether (I originally typed "weather" here. I am NOT in charge of the weather, but that would be awesome.) I have a nice quiet evening with a book and a glass of wine (no noisy TV in the background) or if I want to watch Sunday Night Football and scream at the TV. I clean up when it suits me. I have my nephews or friends over when I feel like it.

5. Money. That's a big deal and it's one of the bigger reasons marriages that don't work, don't work. I like that I get to decide what I buy and when and am not quite ready to share that kind of decision with someone else. I'm sure when I meet the right person that will be something I will get to, but for now I really enjoy the freedom.

There you have it, 5 good reasons to stay single for awhile if you're single. I know the benefits of a fulfilling relationship and marriage reach far and long, but that doesn't mean that growth and happiness can't happen in the single life too.

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