Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blog 152: It wasn't just in my head!

Hi again you guys!

So, one thing I hadn't mentioned, whether because I thought it was boring (it probably is) or I was subconsciously worried it was something really serious (it's not at this point) , was that I had been feeling MAJORLY worn down and fatigued lately. I mean not just the "I'm a grown up so I'm always tired" feeling or the every day "2pm crash" feeling but actual significant weariness and fatigue that lead to me honestly thinking some days that there was no way I would make it without a nap. And some days I really did even take a nap in my car (or under my desk) instead of an actual lunch break. This would happen no matter how much or little sleep I got at night and regardless of whether I had been consistently eating well (which was most of the time) or being bad and eating crappy non nutritious foods from like mid October (maybe earlier) through the present. This was more exhausted than I felt when I was in grad school working 16-18 hour days 6 days a week between classes and internship and work, and I was doing LESS. And I really could barely work up the motivation to do any more than I absolutely had to because I knew that I would just be exhausted. Which made me feel lazy and worthless which aren't good for the whole self esteem situation.

I reached out to my FB friends about the daily fatigue which lead to all kinds of recommendations from eating more protein to taking a vitamin supplement. Because my diet was already consistently full of leafy greens and natural peanut butter and whole grains lean proteins and consistent small meals, etc... I wasn't convinced that was the problem. I also had been getting my 10k+ steps in every day and doing additional workouts a few times a week despite being utterly worn down because I was convinced that regular activity would give me more energy (like it's supposed to!)

Finally, at my annual appointment in January, I asked my Doctor for blood work because I was just so tired and at the end of my rope about it. She agreed, but tended to think it was more  of a "winter blues" thing. At first, I started to think that maybe she was right, maybe it is just seasonal tiredness and I just didn't remember it each year (though this time really did seem more noticeable and severe.) After a little anemia and low calcium came up in the first test I went back for further tests. And, it turns out I'm iron deficient AND super vitamin D deficient .. both of which lead to tiring easy and all that other fun stuff. SWEET VICTORY WAS MINE!!! I've never been more relieved to get not so stellar blood test results back in my life because these are pretty tame problems to have (as long as you don't let them fester for long) and sooooo easy and relatively inexpensive to treat. So, now I'm one of those people taking iron and vitamin C supplements with breafkast and dinner and mega doses of vitamin D once a week for the next 2 months (the deficiency was more than anything non prescription would be able to touch to get back to healthy) then we'll check it again.

You guys, I seriously can not wait to not feel devastatingly tired every afternoon. I feel better just knowing that there was something actually wrong and that I wasn't crazy or lazy (or hazy... sorry I love rhyming) or doing something wrong. I had an actual, physical/biological/tangible reason why I was so tired and it is totally fixable (but needed help from a doctor).

If you read all this, thanks and congratulations and get your vitamin D levels checked. Our indoor modern lifestyle makes this a really common problem! I know because as soon as I got my answer you better believe I was all over Google and Web MD to make sure that these weren't signs of a much more sinister problem. (Real Doctors probably hate Web MD "doctors" like me.)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Blog #151: I'M NOT A CLICHE

I joined a gym. And it is January. But I will have you know: I AM NOT A CLICHE. Yes, it's very common for people to join gyms in January because of New Year's resolutions that are typically kaput by March but that is not (I repeat in all caps: NOT) what I'm doing. In fact, I've been wanting to join a gym for the classes since like, October. What kept me from doing so? I thought about the craziness that I had coming up in the form of travel, holidays, and Christmas spending and decided that it would not be a fiscally responsible decision to join something (at full price mind you) and be stuck in a contract while I had lots of upcoming expensive things that would also keep me from even having sufficient time to USE said full price gym contract. I made the decision IN OCTOBER to wait until January because I knew two things about January: 

1. I knew that January would be when my life would settle down and the extra costs above eating and living would be normalized.
2. I knew that in January gyms are HELLA busy capitalizing on the people's New Year's Resolutions so they were knocking down prices and waiving enrollment fees right and left. 

Knowing these things, it makes sense that I would wait until then to join a gym. I was all set to go with Title and take kickboxing classes until I found out these 2 things:

1. No New Year's sales? Who do they think they are?
2. My friend Ashleigh told me all about Aspen fitness and how they will soon be opening one right across the street from my apartment! I could (and will) walk there. It doesn't open until February but in the meantime I am welcome to (and do) take classes and use the equipment at their other locations, which aren't totally convenient but will work for the month.

So, I joined Aspen for like, half of what I would pay for Title boxing. They have a kickboxing class one or two nights a week but they also have a huge variety of classes that will (and one already has) totally kick my ass. And, I am not on contract, so I can cancel my membership at any time should my situation change. Thanks for the heads up, Ash.

Another thing that keeps me from being a cliche is that I lost like 10lb from October-December just doing my fitbit and MFP thing. So, you know, I didn't need a New Year's resolution to shake that relationship weight. Granted, I did manage to gain 2 back since the end of December and am now refocusing to get those last 5 pounds to get back to ideal... but I'm feeling good about it. And it's not a New Year's resolution. It was just nice and intentional timing for the bargain.

And that's all I have to say about that. Let me know if you wanna work out or something.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Blog #150: In the Year 2013:

You're only allowed to read this if you promise to read "In The Year 2013" in your head like on Conan when he did the "In the hear two thousaaaaaaaaaaand!" bit on his show. Carry on.

In the year 2013:

I intend to take & pass the NCE and finally get a job in my field that challenges me and motivates me to grow. I've started the track on this by mailing in my application for the test and will accomplish this by continuing to look for and apply to relevant jobs daily.

In the year 2013:

I intend to continue to find fun ways to be physically active that lift my mood and keep me healthy. (This one I did fairly well with toward the end of last year - except for the last couple weeks when sickness and coldness and holidays threw me off.). Same thing with eating clean. Not necessarily for weight loss or anything, but just for feeling better and being healthier. I'll do this by continuing to use my fitbit and the myfitnesspal app to keep me in line. (Full disclosure: I typed this after eating 2 servings of sweet tarts gummies for breakfast.)

In the year 2013:
I intend to blog more and make good use of my digital camera by taking lots of pictures and sharing lots of them here. I'll do this by keeping my camera with me so that it's easier to grab during the special moments, and using the evernote app to keep my ideas together. I'll also try to keep up with the "fms photo a day" challenge for each month on instagram. Because that's what the cool kids do.

In the year 2013:
I intend to take better care of my teeth! I'll do this by flossing way more often (hopefully daily) and continuing to keep up appointments with my new dentist.

In the year 2013:
I intend to get rid of a LOT of stuff. To pare down on clothes, knick knacks, and clutter. The less I have the less mess I make. I'll do this by dedicating a weekend to going through everything I own and being brutally honest with myself about my use of each item. Additionally, buying less/saving more.

In addition to these goals I'd love for 2013 to bring more travel and more fun with the BF (including a summer of boating and sun bathing!). I have a good feeling about this year. Maybe 2013 will be the year I grow up?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blog #149: So long, 2012.

We made it. It's 2013 now which means I should say some things about the ups and downs of 2012 and hopes and dreams and goals for this year because that's what people do when there's a new year.

If I were going easy on myself, my goals would be to listen to the new Les Mis soundtrack as much as possible and make sure I see every episode of season 3 of Downton Abbey.

But I might need to be slightly more ambitious.

Anyhow, 2012 was full of memories to be treasured, so let's focus on that for now. Here are some favorites:

- An entire year without a paper to write or a test to study for.
- Weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks when BF became BF and we hung out with my BFF for Memorial Day
- The perks of having a 2nd job... that also helps keep me sharp in my field :)
- Colorado family reunion for my Aunt's 50th birthday.
- "I love you" outside a coffee shop in Parkville after a wonderful dinner at Cafe Italia while talking about silly day to day things and getting ready to go see The Dark Knight.
- Got a roomie for keeping company and splitting costs!
- Labor day in Branson with BF and his fam.
- Got a brand new baby nephew. Those are the best.
- NYC!!! Loved traveling with boyfriend to see the sights. And hang out with Tina Fey. Sort of.
- Thanksgiving at Big Cedar with my fam & BF
- Hosted my first Christmas Baking Day at my apartment to continue the tradition with mom & sis.
- Making new family traditions and joining in on others' old ones.
-2 Austin trips. One way back in May and the other just recently with the BF in tow. I have lots to share from the more recent one and can't wait to show you all the fun we had.
- Ringing in the New Year with a kiss from my love!
- Pretty much everything related to spending time with boyfriend. We have been having probably too much fun. More than our share.

So, a large part of the good in 2012 was due to a certain special someone it would seem. I may have just become "that girl." That's okay.

I'm so excited about 2013.