Friday, January 18, 2013

Blog #151: I'M NOT A CLICHE

I joined a gym. And it is January. But I will have you know: I AM NOT A CLICHE. Yes, it's very common for people to join gyms in January because of New Year's resolutions that are typically kaput by March but that is not (I repeat in all caps: NOT) what I'm doing. In fact, I've been wanting to join a gym for the classes since like, October. What kept me from doing so? I thought about the craziness that I had coming up in the form of travel, holidays, and Christmas spending and decided that it would not be a fiscally responsible decision to join something (at full price mind you) and be stuck in a contract while I had lots of upcoming expensive things that would also keep me from even having sufficient time to USE said full price gym contract. I made the decision IN OCTOBER to wait until January because I knew two things about January: 

1. I knew that January would be when my life would settle down and the extra costs above eating and living would be normalized.
2. I knew that in January gyms are HELLA busy capitalizing on the people's New Year's Resolutions so they were knocking down prices and waiving enrollment fees right and left. 

Knowing these things, it makes sense that I would wait until then to join a gym. I was all set to go with Title and take kickboxing classes until I found out these 2 things:

1. No New Year's sales? Who do they think they are?
2. My friend Ashleigh told me all about Aspen fitness and how they will soon be opening one right across the street from my apartment! I could (and will) walk there. It doesn't open until February but in the meantime I am welcome to (and do) take classes and use the equipment at their other locations, which aren't totally convenient but will work for the month.

So, I joined Aspen for like, half of what I would pay for Title boxing. They have a kickboxing class one or two nights a week but they also have a huge variety of classes that will (and one already has) totally kick my ass. And, I am not on contract, so I can cancel my membership at any time should my situation change. Thanks for the heads up, Ash.

Another thing that keeps me from being a cliche is that I lost like 10lb from October-December just doing my fitbit and MFP thing. So, you know, I didn't need a New Year's resolution to shake that relationship weight. Granted, I did manage to gain 2 back since the end of December and am now refocusing to get those last 5 pounds to get back to ideal... but I'm feeling good about it. And it's not a New Year's resolution. It was just nice and intentional timing for the bargain.

And that's all I have to say about that. Let me know if you wanna work out or something.

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