Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog #145: Things 1-4

1. Did you guys know that I'm going to NYC this week? Because I am. I leave after work Thursday. And my boss is out of town so my time at the office until Thursday will be spent carefully planning each NYC day and creating lists of things to bring which mostly center around blister sticks and moleskin so that I can walk everywhere in mostly comfort but not be that person in tennis shoes when I can be that person in adorable shoes.

2. I'm over halfway through Atlas Shrugged. It's much more engaging than 50 shades of gross, which I quit without making it halfway into the first book. Not because I found the content offensive (though it's not my thing) but because I found the terrible writing offensive. I am still in awe that it was allowed to be published. Then I found out it started out as a Twilight FanFic and everything made sense again. Also, I hated America. Anyhow, Atlas Shrugged has been on my literary bucket list for awhile and Ayn Rand is so much easier to tackle when you don't have to worry about your Junior honors english teacher asking you quiz questions like "What as the 3rd letter from the left of the 5th word from the right on the 16th line of page 732?". So I'll probably read The Fountainhead again eventually. If I can get over the obsessive teacher flashbacks.

3. The Chiefs are really bad you guys. I'm not even okay. Fire ALL the people.Not you Jamaal. You can stay.

4. Things you find at an antique store that are then burned into your mind forever and you can't sleep anymore:

Friday, October 5, 2012

Blog #144: I'm getting so old you guys.

So, I had a birthday. On Monday. You know. October 1st.

And now I am 28.

Aside from that AGE just sounding old to me (well, not like it's an old age, but like it's an old age for me to be because last I checked I was a fresh from college corporate newbie.), I can't help but try to figure out how it got here so fast. I don't think I'm going to worry about it. I don't LOOK my age. Though, now that I am 28 it's probably time to start investing both my time and some $$$ in a real beauty/face preserving routine. And also it's probably time to get better at flossing. And keeping a clean car/room. Some things seem cute for a 21-25 year old but are just downright embarrassing when you're 28. I'm also newly obsessed with my fitbit because a 28 year old should have a regular workout routine. I think. I'll blog more about the fitbit and my obsession later. For now, I'll tell you how I spent my birthday. Then I'll show you some pictures.

I woke up at the crack of 6:30 (ew, but it gets better) because it was a Monday but I didn't have work - I had the Solace House golf tournament fundraiser - On the Upswing. Boyfriend had agreed to volunteer to help with me and he promptly started my day beautifully, with  some gorgeous purple flowers first thing in the morning. Then, with some rushing, we got to the tournament. It was a little frantic at first, and frustrating when I realized I had forgotten my signage. But boyfriend left to go back to get it. Before he could, of course I remembered that I had it in my email so I reprinted - so he just brought me a pumpkin spice latte instead.

At the golf tournament we had a "prize drawing" ("raffles" are illegal in KS apparently.) There were five different prize packages to win - worth varying amount of tickets to enter. I entered the minimum amount of tickets for 2 different baskets just to give a little back to Solace House. They were very popular ones and people were maxing out on tickets for them, so I didn't figure to win anything - I was just happy to give. I. WON. THEM. BOTH. That is called birthday luck. So, I have various restaurant gift cards, a $300 spa visit, $100 to Lowe's (which I handed over to Boyfriend) and a very expensive Golf package including irons (boy), foursomes at two Country Clubs (boy) and a couple of other things I plan to gift. BIRTHDAY LUCK.

We were going to eat at Pierponts for dinner, but my amazing luck got us a Seasons 52 giftcard so we decided to try it. Seasons 52 is a very healthy restaurant on the Plaza. They have a full time menu and several items that change with the season, and every main course is under 475 calories. They also have a great wine selection, and the servers are (well, at least OUR server was) incredibly helpful at working with the bartender to pair the perfect wine to your food selection and tastes. Anyhow, it was fancy, very sweet, and a pretty romantic time.

But then.

After dinner Boyfriend drove me to the Westin, and told me to follow him. I wasn't sure what we were doing. We go in, and go up the elevator, and he takes me outside. I guess it wasn't quite the roof but it was high up, with a view of the Kansas City Skyline, very picturesque. He handed me a card he had made, with a picture of us on the inside and an arrow to a huge aerial picture of NYC. Folded inside the card were our flight confirmation print outs. I had known that he was taking me (obviously, we had to plan it!) and I had explicitly told him that I didn't expect anything else for my birthday, but he still found a way to "give" it to me and make it incredibly special. That guy.

Anyhow, it was a very sweet moment. Romantic swoony stuff. No laughs to be had there. And there's probably no way for me to come back from that so I'll be done there. Enjoy pictures!