Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog #145: Things 1-4

1. Did you guys know that I'm going to NYC this week? Because I am. I leave after work Thursday. And my boss is out of town so my time at the office until Thursday will be spent carefully planning each NYC day and creating lists of things to bring which mostly center around blister sticks and moleskin so that I can walk everywhere in mostly comfort but not be that person in tennis shoes when I can be that person in adorable shoes.

2. I'm over halfway through Atlas Shrugged. It's much more engaging than 50 shades of gross, which I quit without making it halfway into the first book. Not because I found the content offensive (though it's not my thing) but because I found the terrible writing offensive. I am still in awe that it was allowed to be published. Then I found out it started out as a Twilight FanFic and everything made sense again. Also, I hated America. Anyhow, Atlas Shrugged has been on my literary bucket list for awhile and Ayn Rand is so much easier to tackle when you don't have to worry about your Junior honors english teacher asking you quiz questions like "What as the 3rd letter from the left of the 5th word from the right on the 16th line of page 732?". So I'll probably read The Fountainhead again eventually. If I can get over the obsessive teacher flashbacks.

3. The Chiefs are really bad you guys. I'm not even okay. Fire ALL the people.Not you Jamaal. You can stay.

4. Things you find at an antique store that are then burned into your mind forever and you can't sleep anymore:

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