I'm Marissa, just a 20-something trying to figure out where she put her car keys.

This blog is mostly just an outlet for all the adventures I have while I meander through life as best I can. Sometimes I feel like trying to be funny. Sometimes I feel like talking about my day. Sometimes I feel like posting gratuitous over the top pictures of my adorable nephews. Sometimes.

Most of the time I just want to ramble on about whatever so happens to be on my mind. Frequent appearances will be made by the boyfriend because he and I do such fun things. Sometimes we're a little much, but I've accepted that.

I call the blog "Never Stop Thinking" because I found a really cool notebook once with that phrase on the cover and I liked the idea. I imagine if I (or you or anyone) were to stop thinking entirely it could only mean that I've stopped living. So, as long as I'm not dead I'm just going to think, possibly overthink, probably to a fault. And whenever I remember to, I'll record the thoughts here.

Thanks for stopping by.

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