Monday, November 29, 2010

Blog #7: momentously eventful

I have been remiss. I am ashamed. I am sorry that my last posts were about being sick then I disappeared and you probably thought I had sneezed myself to death. I am not dead. In my defense, I had a plate of food in one hand and a glass of wine in the other from Wednesday evening to Saturday evening and I just haven't mastered blogging by nose yet. That's not entirely true (about what was in my hands, not about blogging by nose). A few times Saturday I set my food down long enough to click "refresh" on my phone (wine still in the other hand) to follow my Bearcats to yet another thrilling victory this time in Texas. I'm headed to the booming metropolis of Maryville, MO on Saturday to watch them hopefully do it again against the Mules to win Regionals. LET'S GO 'CATS!!! Thanksgiving was momentously eventful. It was the first Thanksgiving for Boyfriend & Me so we had a lot to get used to with our respective families. I think it went well though, and I didn't even throw a temper tantrum when I lost most of the games we played. At least not a big one. Look how fun this family is, though, and you'll understand how all things internet left my mind: The difficult thing about spending time with a significant other's family is that there is no room for crankiness. Boyfriend's family is awesome and didn't make me want to be cranky, but a few of the late nights made it difficult to maintain the high energy cheerful level that I pride myself in having by around Saturday evening, and I was about to crash. Boyfriend humored me and we left earlier than he would have liked. I am a party pooper when tired. However, I'm so thankful that I was tired because I spent so much awesome time with great people. Then, I was going to tell everyone in internet land all about it on Sunday but the Chiefs were playing so well that it was difficult for me to do anything but run around my apartment screaming for joy. Thankfully, my neighbors didn't call the police (this time) and I remain free to watch another football game. Whether or not this is a good thing remains to be seen. In other news, I have exactly 2 more weeks of classes before a much needed break. PRAISE THE LORD, HALLELUJAH! This will come just in time for me to throw myself into finishing touches on our end of year gathering for work. When you hear our theme, you'll shoot your eye out kid. (See what I did there?) I can't wait to showcase my talents. More on that to come.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Blog #6: can you sneeze your brain out?

I thought I might take a break from sneezing 43 times in a row to say hello. Don't worry, I'm calling it good sneezing because it is getting these evil things out of my body. I thought I was completely over this flu/mono/sinusitus hybrid which I have actually narrowed down to just sinusitus due to the ache in my teeth and mucousy mutiny in my head. I think I lost 5 pounds just blowing my nose this weekend. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad sign that there's blood tinged snot on the tissues but that's already way more information than you wanted to know. How excited are you for Thanksgiving? I can not wait. The festivities begin for me Wednesday night with my mom's family and then for a few days of pampering and Thanksgiving merriment with boyfriend's family. Then my listening to Christmas music will finally be justifed by the season.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog #5: Lucky Licorice

The Chiefs currently have a comfortable lead over the Cardinals in the 1st half so I'm splitting my attention just a little bit for some blogging time. And, since it's Sunday, let's talk about football. It's too soon to declare any sort of victory in the Chiefs game, but I'd rather talk about the Bearcats right now anyway. Yesterday they won their first playoff game of the year after being behind 17-0 at the half against MO West. I followed the game online and when I saw the dire direction it was going, I broke out the lucky licorice. (Ok, so technically it's strawberry Twizzlers but that doesn't have the same ring to it as lucky licorice.) The story behind this goes back either a couple of weeks or 11 years depending on who you're asking. For me, it's just a couple weeks but for the Bearcats as a team it goes back to the 1999 championship. A Bearcat supporter told Coach T's wife that it was time to get out some lucky licorice and gave her some Twizzlers. The game went into double overtime and the Bearcats turned up champions. Two weeks ago at the UCM game in Warrensburg, my stepdad and I ended up sitting next to Mrs. Coach T. As things looked dire, she got out the Twizzlers, told the 1999 story, and began passing them out. I partook. The Bearcats came within 2. Twizzlers made the round again. Then, with seconds left in the game, the Bearcats chaotically set up for a fire drill field goal and the kicker who is usually very inconsistent took a shot and got a 45 yarder through the uprights leading to a victory. Terry & I posing happily with a scoreboard in view testifying to the 17-16 Bearcat victory. Lucky licorice works for the Bearcats.. I tested it again against Pitt state and their almost comeback was stopped short at the end of the game. I tested it yesterday against MO west and the Bearcats came back from a 3 possession deficit to win 28-24 and advance to the next round. You better believe I'll have my Twizzlers handy for all Bearcat games going forward.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Blog #4: high fiving a million angels

Tonight I had the pleasure of drinking free at a happy hour at the Shark Bar. My fantastic friends are likely still out there dancing, drinking, and having a grand old time. They were all quite a bit more intoxicated than I would get. I had to take it easy as I believe in the importance of self care when you're recovering from a cold-flu-sinus infection-mono hybrid super bug. I might be a little melodramatic. I'm a very whiny sick person. The best cure for all of this is catching up on my DVR shows and eating brownies before curling up in my bed and sleeping until I feel better. Trust me, I'm a Web M.D. super searcher.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blog #3: Say cheese!

I had this whole post planned in which I was writing about how I have this weird cold-flu-sinusitus hybrid that keeps faking me out and won't go away, but then I stumbled upon a million dollar idea. It all started when I was on the way home from class and thinking I might finally be a little bit hungry for the first time in two days and trying to decide what sounded good. I came up with the ideas of grilled cheese with tomato soup and graham crackers with milk. Yes, when I don't feel good I turn into a 6-year-old. Anyhow, I had bread and butter but no cheese or soup and graham crackers but no milk so I made a quick HyVee stop for basic supplies. Interjection: I am SO glad that I live by a HyVee again. Seriously happy to be done getting groceries at WalMart. Back to regularly scheduled programming. Anyhow, there I was with my Shatto milk in hand (only the best) looking at my cheese options. I knew that I didn't want American, but cheddar, provolone, colby jack, and pepperjack all sounded fabulous! I thought I might pick out two kinds but then realized there was no way that I, being just one small girl, would go through all that cheese before it went bad. And that's when I got the idea. VARIETY CHEESE SLICE PACKS. Right? Why don't these exist already? Or maybe they do but just not at my grocery store. It works with poptarts and granola bars and oatmeal... so cheese is a logical step I think. I'm going to start working on my letter to Kraft immediately.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog #2: Sickly

I know I said that I would tell you all about the genesis of "Never Stop Thinking" today, but I am afraid that I have to break that promise on account of the evil viral and/or bacterial invaders in my body. I am weak and tired and am fixing to go to bed for the evening just as soon as I hit "publish post." Hopefully the sleep will make me better for tomorrow, especially since I have to be at work at the ungodly hour of 7am, which because of my pathological need to be first to the meetings, means 6:45am. Gross. I used up all of my strength to make it through the work day, interview for an internship, and take a quiz in class before leaving early. On a bright note, I GOT THE INTERNSHIP! I can't wait for January so I can start doing good things at Solace House. If I'm going to make it to January, though, I need to get better. The best way to make that happen is to go to bed. Like now.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog #1: This is my new blog.

For a long time this blog was just kind of an idea I had. Being an idea, it was unlikely to come to fruition because I'm big on great ideas but not so great at what they call "follow-through." Thankfully, I made it to the first step - "Blog #1!" I wanted a new blog other than the off and on ones I made so that I'd have a fresh start. All that was left of my other blog were failed ambitions. Well, welcome to my blog. Tomorrow I will tell you all about how "Never Stop Thinking" came to be and how I'm going to use it. Tomorrow is a Monday after a 3-day weekend for me and so I'll be happy to have a distraction to which to look forward. It's never fun to go back to work after you've had the pleasure of time off, especially time that included fantastic family and boyfriend. Plus, my Chiefs embarrassed me today after a crappy loss last week too. Granted, I did not watch it. No, I saw the direction that it was heading and opted for naptime with the boy. Last week I threw an embarrassing temper tantrum in front of my him. It was his first time watching a Chiefs game with me and I'm not sure he was very impressed. All of this is to say that tomorrow has the potential to give me "a case of the Mondays" so I'm happy to throw my own flair into it to lift my spirits (see what I did there?). I'm going to do yoga in the morning and I've already prepared a perfect Monday playlist comprised of Mumford & Sons, Arcade Fire, The Avett Brothers and Cary Brothers. I've got baked apple pie oatmeal that I made from a recipe off IowaGirlEats, homemade chili for lunch, and some nutella and graham crackers if things get ugly. I find it's best to spot potential crap days ahead of time and take preventative measures so that I don't accidentally yell at or stab anybody. Is there anything special you do to stave off a bad day?