Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog #5: Lucky Licorice

The Chiefs currently have a comfortable lead over the Cardinals in the 1st half so I'm splitting my attention just a little bit for some blogging time. And, since it's Sunday, let's talk about football. It's too soon to declare any sort of victory in the Chiefs game, but I'd rather talk about the Bearcats right now anyway. Yesterday they won their first playoff game of the year after being behind 17-0 at the half against MO West. I followed the game online and when I saw the dire direction it was going, I broke out the lucky licorice. (Ok, so technically it's strawberry Twizzlers but that doesn't have the same ring to it as lucky licorice.) The story behind this goes back either a couple of weeks or 11 years depending on who you're asking. For me, it's just a couple weeks but for the Bearcats as a team it goes back to the 1999 championship. A Bearcat supporter told Coach T's wife that it was time to get out some lucky licorice and gave her some Twizzlers. The game went into double overtime and the Bearcats turned up champions. Two weeks ago at the UCM game in Warrensburg, my stepdad and I ended up sitting next to Mrs. Coach T. As things looked dire, she got out the Twizzlers, told the 1999 story, and began passing them out. I partook. The Bearcats came within 2. Twizzlers made the round again. Then, with seconds left in the game, the Bearcats chaotically set up for a fire drill field goal and the kicker who is usually very inconsistent took a shot and got a 45 yarder through the uprights leading to a victory. Terry & I posing happily with a scoreboard in view testifying to the 17-16 Bearcat victory. Lucky licorice works for the Bearcats.. I tested it again against Pitt state and their almost comeback was stopped short at the end of the game. I tested it yesterday against MO west and the Bearcats came back from a 3 possession deficit to win 28-24 and advance to the next round. You better believe I'll have my Twizzlers handy for all Bearcat games going forward.

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