Monday, November 29, 2010

Blog #7: momentously eventful

I have been remiss. I am ashamed. I am sorry that my last posts were about being sick then I disappeared and you probably thought I had sneezed myself to death. I am not dead. In my defense, I had a plate of food in one hand and a glass of wine in the other from Wednesday evening to Saturday evening and I just haven't mastered blogging by nose yet. That's not entirely true (about what was in my hands, not about blogging by nose). A few times Saturday I set my food down long enough to click "refresh" on my phone (wine still in the other hand) to follow my Bearcats to yet another thrilling victory this time in Texas. I'm headed to the booming metropolis of Maryville, MO on Saturday to watch them hopefully do it again against the Mules to win Regionals. LET'S GO 'CATS!!! Thanksgiving was momentously eventful. It was the first Thanksgiving for Boyfriend & Me so we had a lot to get used to with our respective families. I think it went well though, and I didn't even throw a temper tantrum when I lost most of the games we played. At least not a big one. Look how fun this family is, though, and you'll understand how all things internet left my mind: The difficult thing about spending time with a significant other's family is that there is no room for crankiness. Boyfriend's family is awesome and didn't make me want to be cranky, but a few of the late nights made it difficult to maintain the high energy cheerful level that I pride myself in having by around Saturday evening, and I was about to crash. Boyfriend humored me and we left earlier than he would have liked. I am a party pooper when tired. However, I'm so thankful that I was tired because I spent so much awesome time with great people. Then, I was going to tell everyone in internet land all about it on Sunday but the Chiefs were playing so well that it was difficult for me to do anything but run around my apartment screaming for joy. Thankfully, my neighbors didn't call the police (this time) and I remain free to watch another football game. Whether or not this is a good thing remains to be seen. In other news, I have exactly 2 more weeks of classes before a much needed break. PRAISE THE LORD, HALLELUJAH! This will come just in time for me to throw myself into finishing touches on our end of year gathering for work. When you hear our theme, you'll shoot your eye out kid. (See what I did there?) I can't wait to showcase my talents. More on that to come.

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