Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog #1: This is my new blog.

For a long time this blog was just kind of an idea I had. Being an idea, it was unlikely to come to fruition because I'm big on great ideas but not so great at what they call "follow-through." Thankfully, I made it to the first step - "Blog #1!" I wanted a new blog other than the off and on ones I made so that I'd have a fresh start. All that was left of my other blog were failed ambitions. Well, welcome to my blog. Tomorrow I will tell you all about how "Never Stop Thinking" came to be and how I'm going to use it. Tomorrow is a Monday after a 3-day weekend for me and so I'll be happy to have a distraction to which to look forward. It's never fun to go back to work after you've had the pleasure of time off, especially time that included fantastic family and boyfriend. Plus, my Chiefs embarrassed me today after a crappy loss last week too. Granted, I did not watch it. No, I saw the direction that it was heading and opted for naptime with the boy. Last week I threw an embarrassing temper tantrum in front of my him. It was his first time watching a Chiefs game with me and I'm not sure he was very impressed. All of this is to say that tomorrow has the potential to give me "a case of the Mondays" so I'm happy to throw my own flair into it to lift my spirits (see what I did there?). I'm going to do yoga in the morning and I've already prepared a perfect Monday playlist comprised of Mumford & Sons, Arcade Fire, The Avett Brothers and Cary Brothers. I've got baked apple pie oatmeal that I made from a recipe off IowaGirlEats, homemade chili for lunch, and some nutella and graham crackers if things get ugly. I find it's best to spot potential crap days ahead of time and take preventative measures so that I don't accidentally yell at or stab anybody. Is there anything special you do to stave off a bad day?

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