Friday, September 28, 2012

Blog #143: Made it!

I made it! I did it! I'm a P90x champ! Well, I mean, I've successfully (sort of) gotten through phase 1 of P90x (for the most part.)

I'm struggling to follow the "no weigh" rule I made for myself but not that much because while I have noticed increased stamina/energy while working out, I haven't really seen any visible/tangible changes in my actual body yet.I know it takes time and I also know that if I stopped trying to consider candy corn a vegetable and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies an acceptable breakfast, it would happen sooner.  I know that's to come, especially with as I continue to progress in how long I can push myself harder in workouts. I have a feeling that actually getting on a scale at this point would be discouraging.

The best thing happened Wednesday. It was cardio day so I went for a run. Now, I had all but convinced myself to just go home and watch the new Modern Family. BUT, at the last second I was like "Marissa! go for that run!" so I did. I walked a half mile to my new favorite trail, and took off. Well, by "took off" I mean "started jogging at a reasonable pace." I ran out to to the bridge by what used to be The Flamingo and back. Then I walked the half mile back to where my car was. I felt great the whole time. Endorphins were IN THE HOUSE. I was thinking "I bet I went almost 3 miles including my warmup/cooldown. I'm almost back to charity 5k form!" THEN, yesterday I looked up the route on and found out that the running portion of my workout itself was OVER 3 miles! With my warmup/cooldown I'd gone OVER FOUR! I know that's not super far. I know I've run farther and faster. But you guys, this is the first time since before I started grad school in 2008 that I have gone that distance.

 "But Marissa, you got all skinny and stuff in grad school, what do you mean you couldn't run?" As I've told you though, in grad school I was stressed and busy and living off of green beans, granola bars, and occasional dry cereal. I got "all skinny and stuff" because I barely ever ate. So I was all dark circle eyed and tired and sure I could fit into a size 2 but I wasn't in any shape whatsoever. So, as I'm feeling more and more healthy/in shape I may just have to accept that I'm destined to be more of a 4-6 than a 2-4 but at least I'll be able to sustain a healthy amount of activity.And I realize that those are still small sizes and that I'm lucky to have a more petite frame naturally but that also means that even small fluctuations can have a major effect on my shape and how my clothes fit, so it's give and take.

Phase 2 starts Sunday! I'm going to try to maybe focus more on my food choices at that point... but I still have to get through all of these restaurants I have free birthday food from first.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blog #142: When life is awesome...

I guess when life gets good the blogging gets infrequent? Not that life was bad when it was frequent but maybe now it's just awesome? But I think life is pretty awesome in general, even when not awesome things happen. So this is all to say that I've got zero good reason for not writing. Except for maybe that I hate forcing a blog. It should just flow, you know? I've had lots of things to write about. Like the super sweet and spontaneous (alliteration!) picnic stop on the way home from Branson that I made with boyfriend with Osceola Cheese and Mt. Pleasant wine. Or the super sweet and spontaneous (alliteration again! and again! and again!) walk at the lake in Parkville followed by a delicious grilled veggie dinner, also with the boyfriend. But no one likes a braggart.

Or I could write about P90x. We're plugging along at it but woefully a week behind. It's HARD to find that kind of time 6 days a week no matter how motivated you are. Also, it turns out that I hate yoga. At least the way P90x does it. And I love kick boxing. Jab. I think I'm averaging about 4 days a week which is still a vast improvement from the zero to 1 day a week of working out I was averaging before we started. Eating well is probably currently a 65-70% thing and not the 80-90% I'd like to get it to. But I feel stronger!

I won't be writing about the Chiefs today. And maybe not for awhile.

I won't be writing about election stuff, probably ever.

Here are some things I don't mind writing about:

1. I gasped in my head (like, I heard myself audibly gasp but it wasn't out loud.) at this outfit/skirt. Kendi does no wrong.
2. I'm finally on the Revlon Lip Butter bandwagon and that stuff is for realz playa. (blogger recognizes "realz" as a word somehow but not "playa". Oh wait, there's that red squiggly.)
3. My birthday is in 13 days and I get to gladly share it with the On The Upswing golf tournament - a fundraiser for one of my favorite places, Solace House.
4. I am up to 4 pairs of colored pants. They are all in the red family (red, pink, burgundy, light purple). The mint ones keep looking too white and the blue ones seem overdone. I don't think I have a problem yet but would like you to look out for me.
5. And now for another countdown! Did you know I am going to NYC in a month for 5 days? I AM! With Boyfriend. We leave 10/18. So... like 30 days!

5 things is just right. See you next time, blog.