Friday, September 28, 2012

Blog #143: Made it!

I made it! I did it! I'm a P90x champ! Well, I mean, I've successfully (sort of) gotten through phase 1 of P90x (for the most part.)

I'm struggling to follow the "no weigh" rule I made for myself but not that much because while I have noticed increased stamina/energy while working out, I haven't really seen any visible/tangible changes in my actual body yet.I know it takes time and I also know that if I stopped trying to consider candy corn a vegetable and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies an acceptable breakfast, it would happen sooner.  I know that's to come, especially with as I continue to progress in how long I can push myself harder in workouts. I have a feeling that actually getting on a scale at this point would be discouraging.

The best thing happened Wednesday. It was cardio day so I went for a run. Now, I had all but convinced myself to just go home and watch the new Modern Family. BUT, at the last second I was like "Marissa! go for that run!" so I did. I walked a half mile to my new favorite trail, and took off. Well, by "took off" I mean "started jogging at a reasonable pace." I ran out to to the bridge by what used to be The Flamingo and back. Then I walked the half mile back to where my car was. I felt great the whole time. Endorphins were IN THE HOUSE. I was thinking "I bet I went almost 3 miles including my warmup/cooldown. I'm almost back to charity 5k form!" THEN, yesterday I looked up the route on and found out that the running portion of my workout itself was OVER 3 miles! With my warmup/cooldown I'd gone OVER FOUR! I know that's not super far. I know I've run farther and faster. But you guys, this is the first time since before I started grad school in 2008 that I have gone that distance.

 "But Marissa, you got all skinny and stuff in grad school, what do you mean you couldn't run?" As I've told you though, in grad school I was stressed and busy and living off of green beans, granola bars, and occasional dry cereal. I got "all skinny and stuff" because I barely ever ate. So I was all dark circle eyed and tired and sure I could fit into a size 2 but I wasn't in any shape whatsoever. So, as I'm feeling more and more healthy/in shape I may just have to accept that I'm destined to be more of a 4-6 than a 2-4 but at least I'll be able to sustain a healthy amount of activity.And I realize that those are still small sizes and that I'm lucky to have a more petite frame naturally but that also means that even small fluctuations can have a major effect on my shape and how my clothes fit, so it's give and take.

Phase 2 starts Sunday! I'm going to try to maybe focus more on my food choices at that point... but I still have to get through all of these restaurants I have free birthday food from first.

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  1. This is a big accomplishment! Keep up the great work!

    Nick J