Monday, April 1, 2013

Blog #157: ANNOUNCEMENTS! (and my overreaction to the loss of google reader)

"The water always looks too cold until you jump in and get used to it"

These are wise words from my mother about making big changes in life, a timely adage for my current situation. No, this is not just me being over dramatic about the end of Google Reader and my quest to find a new way to check all my favorite daily blogs.Though, you're right, I wouldn't put that past me either.

I have been so very lucky to spend the past 4 years working for my boss at Centrinex. I couldn't have asked for a more generous, flexible, and understanding person to work for as I pursued and finished my Master's degree. Very few other companies or bosses would have allowed for the creative scheduling and flex hours needed to make my educational aspirations a reality. On top of that, I have been able to have experiences that I would never have gotten to have on my own at this stage in my life. I've sat in the exclusive "Crown Club" at Royals baseball games numerous times. I've participated in company fitness challenges. I've gotten to go to banquets, conferences, concerts, and of course Chiefs games all in seats that I wouldn't be able to purchase on my own. I've planned parties, had Friday Happy Hours at the office, and drank for free at many events all because of who I am to my boss and the company. It's an experience that has likely spoiled me for other work environments.


I've overstayed. That's happened to everyone, right? I got comfortable to the point that even when I finished my education, I was slow to start looking for jobs that used it and challenged my newly developed skills. Instead, I let the same tasks that once used to be fun for me eat away at me and annoy me. I began to resent the very things that I enjoyed even just a year ago. I knew it was time to be more active in my search for a job that justified the time and money I had invested in my education. So, I did. And I found something. Then I interviewed. Then, Friday, they offered me a job.

When my sweet nephews were 5 and 9 my cousin and I took them to the Omaha zoo. That's a big deal because we're in KC and our zoo doesn't have an aquarium (the KC aquarium wasn't there then). Anyhow, the 5 year old was SO EXCITED to walk through the tunnel to see the sharks. It was all he talked about the entire trip up there. Then, when the time came to walk through the aquarium tunnel, surrounded by glass and sea life on all sides, he FREAKED. He took off in the opposite direction. I had to chase him down and carry him into the tunnel. Eventually he calmed down and ended up loving it.

I tell this story because upon actually interviewing for the job and getting the offer my first instinct was fear. Like my  nephew I've been waiting for this moment, talking about it, excited for it, but all the sudden it's in front of me and it's so much bigger and all encompassing than I could have imagined. But, I'll get to see and learn so much more - much like he did once he actually forayed into the tunnel.

April 12th is my last day at the job where I consider I did the most of my "growing up" in the past 10 years. The following week I'll begin my new adventure as a Clinical Supervisor at Family Guidance Center. (It's in St. Joseph but it's a great place anyway. Don't worry, I'll bring all my Bearcat enthusiasm and shout it loud and proud)  I will be in a brand new situation with new expectations, goals, and responsibilities. A whole new life, really.

Change is scary, and transition is rarely easy. You're cold at first when you jump into the pool. However, you're also refreshed and exhilarated.At least with this change I don't have to worry about getting water up my nose. I'm so excited about my new adventure.