Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blog #169: On Celebrating


This week has a rather fun holiday at the end. Aside from Friday, which, of course, is always my own personal national holiday.

You have read my Valentine's manifestos before. (If you haven't, just click in the February blogs over to the right side of the screen --->)

And maybe you thought that given recent events things would be different this year. And they are a little, but not in a bad way. Because, as it turns out, I still really love to celebrate things and I still really love LOOOOVE. And I still love love songs and I love love stories and I love friendship and family love and you know what? I still really dislike bitterness and negativity and whining. (Sometimes I do like to let myself whine a little, but typically only as it leads to WINING a lot. Not a typo). And I love being silly and over the top and so I'll just continue to be.

So? If you were looking for a major change of heart, and darkened outlook on this silly day, you won't find it here. I'll always see Valentine's day as a tremendously fun and silly way to enjoy all the love in my life. I've got an abundance of it to appreciate and plenty of reasons to celebrate! 

Can't wait to eat candy and cookies, wear red high heels, and take my nephews out on a date tomorrow!