Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blog #100: Purple Corduroy, Then & Now

Yes, this is my #100 blog on NST! Not my 100th blog ever though. I've been a fickle blogger on many different platforms. I figure I'll celebrate by writing about something frivolous and silly to lower expectations of meaningful posts so that I can blow you away with those later.

I don't have a picture handy of the purple corduroy overalls I wore constantly in the 5th and 6th grade with the same purple & pink striped shirt every time, but boy were they wonderful. I wore that outfit at least once a week and with the same brown Doc Marten style boots (but not real Docs...the budget friendly kind.) I was a fashionista from early on in my dressing life, obviously.

One time, before I realized how terrible I am at the sport, I did a basketball league at my elementary school and forgot to bring a change of clothes. So, when my mom came to watch me play, she saw me running up and down the court in what else? My purple corduroy overalls. One of my many proud, shining moments in sports.

I bring this up because I have discovered a grown up version of my purple overalls, and I love them:

Gap corduroy leggings in aubergine (a really fancy way to say deep/dark purple). I got the petite size so that they would hit just above my ankle and look great with pumps OR boots. I'm rocking them today with brown pumps, khaki blazer, and turquoise striped long knit shirt. I'm glad that 15 years later, I can incorporate purple corduroy into a grown up look. Bonus: super comfy. Maybe even comfy enough to play basketball while wearing them... but you won't see me trying.

What was your favorite outfit as a kid? 

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