Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog #108: The Contents of My Desktop (physical, not software) by Marissa

I am always working in basically what appears to be chaotic disaster at my desk. Here are some things you will see around me if you looked at my desk right now:

  • Salt & pepper in disposable shakers: because you never know when your working lunch might be a little bland.
  • A box of Optimal Support packets by Mannatech - vitamin supplements I take twice a day because typically, if a lunch is able to be a "working lunch" it is not full of nutritional value and is usually just a granola bar or coffee (neither of which I add salt or pepper to)
  • Several empty Optimal Support packets by Mannatech - I'm not the best at throwing things away even though my trash can is literally directly behind me.
  • 6 bottles of nail polish - 3 Essie, 2 OPI, and a Sally Hansen all in various shades from red to coral to mint to beige. I do my best nail work when I get to work early.
  • A speaker dock for my iPod that is not currently plugged in - I haven't listened to my iPod at my desk in months. Not since I discovered Spotify and XM on my laptop.
  • My Macky - My 2007 black macbook sits open and playing music all day long
  • A small stuffed "Cookie Monster" that makes noises when you knock him down. - I have no rational explanation for this. He's not even my favorite Sesame Street character (GROVER4LYFE). Suffice it to say it was an inside joke with my boss.
  • Two plastic star trophies - One for winning "improv night" at my cousin's birthday party and the other for being a "Star Volunteer" at Solace House. I love a good trophy.
  • A hair brush, a small mirror, and a pack of bobby pins - for midday grooming Also included here would be the tube of mascara and the powder brush in the back that I don't think I've used in over a year.
  • A tiny replica of the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland - my cousin asked what she could bring me back from Scotland and I told her "A CASTLE." She took me seriously.
  • Various lotions and hand sanitizers - whether I need to feel clean or moisturized or both - I have a solution.
  • My Garmin cup that I've been refilling 5 times a day with water since I bought it when I worked at Garmin in 2008 - Boss gives me grief for this occasionally, but I love that cup.And I always drink out of a straw
  • Coffee cup from my best friend that I fill up with 12oz of coffee and drink first thing every morning when I come to work - I should probably wash it more often
  • Tide pen - I am accident prone
  • Goo be Gone - because in keeping with my tendency to ruin things, the sticky tack stuff I used to pin up my bulletin board may or may not have screwed up the walls.
  • Glasses cleaner 
  • Aleve - I rarely take this anymore, but always keep a full supply on hand because my boss often has sore muscles from all of his sports playing. 
  • Business cards strewn in a disorganized manner
  • Personalized invitations to the holiday party
  • Inspirational Maya Angelou quote
  • Printout from "Stuff No One Told Me."
  • Random Piece of foam
  • Bracelets
  • stray staples
  • USB cords
  • tape measure
  • bowl I eat oatmeal from sometimes in the morning
  • various keys, desk supplies
  • phone
  • monitors
  • stands to hold more junk
This is actually pretty out of control. I'm going to try to get a semblance of order now.

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