Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog #48: I accidentally skipped #23 in my system and now everything is a mess.

So this is me getting back on track. I know you feel cheated out of a #23... but it probably wouldn't have been that good anyway. I mean, seriously, you saw what I did when I thought I was on #25 right? Great news, today is Sunday. Sunday is the first day of the week. Friday of THIS WEEK I'm bound for Walla Walla. I CAN NOT WAIT. I'm working on making a mix CD for the trip and am so overwhelmed with all of the choices. Even after I decided that it could be a two disc set, I'm having trouble narrowing down the options. It doesn't help that as I'm trying to make it I keep running into songs that I loved when I first got them and had sort of forgotten about. Then not only do I feel like I need to add them to the CDs, but also I need to listen to them several times to give them proper attention, which slows down the song searching process significantly. Why is music so awesome? Night out was a success and might have even lead to a weekend job. Details to come. Or not. It might just be my little secret. You should watch Archer.

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