Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blog #46: Hodge Podge

A hodge podge mixture of things to discuss: Okay, I can't communicate a thorough review of Rob Bell's Love Wins because I don't have the necessary background in theology. I will say that I am so thankful that I read it. I'm thankful that he asked the questions he asked and provided the insight that he did. It was a beautiful and moving piece of work that will appeal to many people who have been hurt by mainstream Christianity. His theology regarding Hell and the fate of "non believers" may need more Biblical support than he could provide, but I am thankful that is not for me to decide. Hell is a really difficult part of my faith to come to terms with and ultimately I believe I must trust that God is good and that He is all powerful and that one day I will fully know and understand His plan for the world. I think ultimately the question is how I will respond to this new perspective that has been presented to me. What actions do I take now that I have read the book? If it's just a feel good book that made me hopeful, then does it really do me any good? I think I will start by doing my best to be a conduit for the Love demonstrated for us in Christ that Rob Bell so beautifully described in his book. For a very thorough, thoughtful, and graceful review, check out Relevant. Moving on, I need to tell you about Jenny and Tyler. It's been said that I can be a little obsessive when I discover things I love. I prefer the term "thoroughly passionate" but am also willing to call a spade a spade and say that I can get a little obsessive. This is most true when it comes to music, television, and authors. Jenny and Tyler are a married couple that also happen to make beautiful, poignant music about faith and love and more. You can listen to their latest album in its entirety at their website. To me they are like Mat Kearney + Sixpence None the Richer + She & Him which of course = LOVE. Please check them out. In other news, Gen X radio KC is now a thing of the past. This is incredibly upsetting. The new station will be yet another pop station just like the other crappy ones KC already has. The good news for me? I no longer have to feel guilty orlike I'm being disloyal making the transition to satellite radio. Here is the email I wrote to the "new" station: Gen X was the best thing to happen to KC radio in ages. Although the songs were older, the idea was fresh and new. I heard songs that inspired nostalgia. It was impossible to listen to 99.7 for more than 15 minutes without hearing at least one song that put a smile on my face. I am very disappointed that Entercom has decided to replace it with just another clone of the other KC pop radio stations. I’ll be keeping an ear out 3 months from now when this format fails in the saturated market that is Lady Gaga and Bieber fever. Meanwhile, I will be giving up on Entercom altogether by making the switch to satellite radio. I put up with the commercial breaks when I listened to Gen X because it was worth it to me to be able to hear a Spice Girls song followed by MC Hammer. Now, however, with the changes made on the only other listenable station in Kansas City (96.5) combined with switching this station into one that will undoubtedly play the same Nickelback song 25-30 times a day (I suppose it could be different ones, they all sound the same to me.) it is no longer worth it to try to support local radio. I suppose I should thank you for removing the guilty conscience I had for considering satellite radio during a free trial anyway, as the only thing holding me back was the desire to stay loyal to a station that could go from Sir Mix a Lot to New Kids on the Block. Now that it's just another station that for reasons I don't understand thinks that Ke$ha possesses any form of talent, I can move on without looking back. Just know that I'm not the only one going. That's all for today. Tomorrow is Friday and I'm going OUT. Booyah.

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