Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blog #41: Triumphant Tuesday

So far, so good. The sun is shining, the cookies are a hit, and I can't stop listening to The Airborne Toxic Event. They are FINALLY releasing a new album at the end of April and I am dying for it. I die. I die for them. I would list their first/self titled album among my favorites of all time. There has not been a band that I have connected to like I have them probably since college. There have been others that I have liked, loved even. It's all about the connection though. When I can come back months later and still really feel it when I listen to the music. So good. I hope their second album lives up to the standard set by the first. If the single, "Changing" is any indication, the answer is that it will. For my triumphant Tuesday outfit I am donning my strapless khaki dress for the first time this season (with tights and a cardigan though... it's only in the 50s outside and there was still frost on my car this morning). The real winning part of it is a beautiful ivory scarf. If I were cool like Kendi Everyday, I would have awesome pictures of me looking awesome in my awesome outfits but I don't have those kind of resources. Plus, she is way more awesome than me. Probably the only thing I'm going to miss about winter is getting to wear tights. I love the tights/boots combination. However, Jergens self tanning/firming lotion and I have been hard at work these past few days preparing for the warmer weather and I can now say that I am ready for my legs to come back out. Be looking for them on Thursday.

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