Friday, June 10, 2011

Blog #66: One with lots of links.

It's Friday. (Couldn't resist. Sorry.)

It's a dreary and rainy morning and I FINALLY am listening to the new Bon Iver via NPR. Perfection. I will not go into too much depth for the following reasons: 1. I still have about 3 minutes to go before I finish the album for the first time and 2. I have only very recently showered rapturous praise on The Airborne Toxic Event (here and here)and I don't want you thinking that I'm easy to please.

(Sometimes I am.)

Suffice it to say that Bon Iver not only lived up the the beauty and excellence of his first album, he darn well may have surpassed it. I can't wait to purchase it when it comes out for real on June 21st so that I can listen to it in tandem with his first album in order to get a better overall conceptual picture of him as an artist. (Sorry if that made me sound insufferable.)

This weekend I'm headed to help out at Camp Erin in order to 1. give back to the community while 2. logging lots of Solace House internship hours. It's going to be emotionally and physically draining but I am rewarding myself by having a dinner & musical date Sunday with Ashleigh!

 I'm ridiculously excited for that because I haven't seen her in WAY too long. We'll be having our traditional GNO dinner (minus drinks because A. It's a Sunday evening outing and B. alcohol + pregnancy doesn't mix. Oh, and it's Ash that's preggers. Not me. Don't worry.) and then heading out to Starlight to see The King & I! It will be a perfect way to let loose a little and decompress after a demanding weekend so that this Monday doesn't end up like last Monday. I have season tickets to Starlight this summer - a Christmas gift from my boss. So, I'll get to see ALL of the musicals. I'm such a geek for that sort of thing.

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