Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blog #62: Gratuitous Adorableness

I'm fairly certain that everyone is tired of me showing off how cute my nephews are, but it's my blog and I'll brag if I want to. Let's start with the baby, because who doesn't want to look at pictures of an almost one year old cutie?

Oh,  Cole. This is from Monday. He was full of smiles for us, as evidenced by this picture and the one I posted on Tuesday of him being heart meltingly precious. In fact, all of the pictures I'm about to post of him are from Monday. What can I say? The camera loves him. What's that? You want to see more pictures of this adorable little guy? okay. I will glady appease your need.

This next one isn't the best shot of me but the baby is smiling and I am pretty proud of my floral shorts & striped top combination.
And now, not to neglect my other nephews, enjoy some more cuteness.
That's Ethan on the left and Nathan on the right. E is 10 and Naterator will be 7 this Saturday! We have good times.
This is me with Ethan on Mothers' Day. I don't get as many photo ops with him because he's usually out and about playing with Madi.
Here the boys are enjoying a walk and some sunflower seeds on one of the first nice days this spring.
Nathan has recently been visited by the tooth fairy, if you can't tell. Below is a picture of a bonus night I got to spend with him during the week (prebangs, obviously) when his brother was having some health problems.

And here is a really cute shot of me with the boys after church one Sunday. We'd been having a car dance party and then I got us all Sonic drinks.

Speaking of cute, and while I'm on a photo kick, enjoy some random shots from my iphone (some instagram app) with some of my favorite people. There are a couple of silly ones I took of myself because I just felt like it in the moment. Deal with it.

First, 3 fun pics of me with my BFF.

(St. Patrick's Day, if you couldn't tell by the green beer)

(Just a day out shopping)

(lunch for her last day of work)

Next, some family. I took my sister out for a special sister day a while back. We'd been to Granite City for brunch, then Charming Charlie and finally indulged in some Yogurtini. Good day!
Mother/daugher shot coming up!
(Mothers' Day Brunch)

And now a favorite cousin shot...

(Rachael... at my little sister's confirmation party)
Here's a pic from my visit to Washington to see my friend Amy!

My boss took me out for mexican and margaritas at lunch as an Adminstrative Professional's Day celebration. Who needs flowers when you have frozen strawberry margaritas and chips with salsa?
Next, you'll see me posing happily with my new iPad (and my "heartbreak dress" named so because of when I got it, although I do feel pretty fab and heartbreaker-esque when I wear it.)
I was trying to get a shot of the inside of the suite with me at a Royals game. No luck, but still fun. This was during the day on a Thursday. I love it when my job involves drinking free beer and eating free food in a luxury suite at a baseball game I got to go to for free.

And finally, this is fairly recent. After I first got my glasses I took a whole bunch of self portraits to get a feel for my look in them. On this day I was especially proud of my stripes/floral mix and accessorizing and I wanted to document it for posterity. Plus, I like to play with instagram when I get bored.

And that's all. Another long one but at least there were pictures, right?

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