Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blog #68: Starved for your attention

Okay, I just had this whole semi-whiny post written about how I feel like I need more friends around me and activities planned for the massive (and by massive I mean minimal) amount of downtime I have. But then, as I was playing a word on Hanging With Friends while simultaneously reading some of my favorite fashion blogs and updating my boss's calendar, I was suddenly struck with how much I love nachos.

Yes, nachos. Tortilla chips in all their cheesy, jalapeno, guacamole glory.  Weird, right? I just, really love nachos. I want some right now. It's now all I can think about. Why I can't be obsessed with something much healthier for me like carrots or bananas, I'll never know.  The google image search I did to be able to provide you with that photo only added gasoline to the fire that is this nacho craving. Now instead of feeling sorry for myself due to lack of social life, I feel sorry for myself due to lack of nachos.

Does anyone else have this problem? Just me?

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