Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blog #65: Country Confession

It's definitely summer time. This is evidenced by my annual craving for country music and cold beer. I like country music just fine, but I never feel like listening to it until it gets good and hot outside. Then it's time to put on a pair of jean shorts, turn on "Fishin' In The Dark" by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (I DEFY you to name a more quintessential summer song), and crack open a cold Boulevard Wheat (Aw. I'll miss that about KC next year). The real start of summer is still a good 2 weeks away but Kansas City listens to no calendar. We didn't for Spring either. No sir, we carried winter through straight up until we were ready for it to be 95 degrees with a heat index of 100.

However, I am SO relieved to be done with the worst winter ever that I'm not even going to begin to whine about the heat. I am going to put on my green & white striped bikini and lay poolside with my iPod playing these country tunes and a cold beverage in my reach.*

Some Summer Country Tunes**
"Fishin' In The Dark" - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (again, will always be the quintessential summer song for me.)
"Wrong Baby Wrong Baby Wrong" - Martina Mcbride (need this right now.)
"Honeybee" - Blake Shelton (too sweet.)
"Hunt You Down" - JT Hodges (heard this for the first time on the radio today. way catchy.)
"Only Prettier" - Miranda Lambert (fun.)
"Six Pack Summer" - Phil Vassar (duh)
"Crazy Girl" - Eli Young Band (another sweet one.)
Pretty much anything by Zac Brown Band (my favorite country group due to their crazy talent and awesome lyrics) but for summer let's stick with "Toes", "Let it Go" and "Chicken Fried." Oh, and "As She's Walking Away." (though my 2 actual favorites by them are "Coldhearted" and "Colder Weather"
"Friends in Low Places" - Garth Brooks (only because they play it at pretty much every Royals game and what's more summer than going to a ball game?)
"Good Day to Run" - Darryl Worley
"Lover Lover" - Jarrod Nieman

Those are just some favorites, though I'm probably forgetting some. I go back and forth from my iPod to the XM country station right now.

That's all. Have a good Wednesday.

*That is, when I'm not working, spending weekends at my internship, or in weekend class, or helping out with other work/internship/family events. So basically, every now and then on a Sunday afternoon.

**You can judge me for liking a little country music all you want. I'm still going to like it WHILE loving Arcade Fire, The National, The  Airborne Toxic Event, Something Corporate, etc... I like what I like. Deal.

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