Friday, June 17, 2011

Blog #70: Some stuff I found

I think Fridays are always going to be link days. Because I can.

Audi over at Fashion for Nerds has a great post on her take on how the wives of high profile men are perceived in scandal.

Cake Wrecks makes me crinaugh. That's a combination of cringing and laughing.

Last night I discovered Stam Chocolaterie over at Zona Rosa in KC. Rich, fresh chocolate and tangy to-die-for pink grapefruit gelato, yes please.

I love groupon, and awhile back I got one for Old Navy. I used it on this dress which is only available in XL online. The store I got it at only had XS and L and I am typically a small... but thankfully ON runs a tad big and I was able to get it because I had been salivating over it for weeks and my groupon allowed me to pay $15 instead of $35 on it. Score! It was a great purchase too... resulting in 2 compliments at work, a huge smile/hello from a handsome young stranger on the street at Zona, and a random girl stopping me to tell me she thought I was really pretty. I'll be wearing it again SOON.

I feel like I need one more thing to make it a good solid 5. One of my favorite blogs lately has been Yes & Yes. It's all about lifestyle, culture, and travel. Plus, she posts the best links. Check it out.

Get down on Friday. And totes choose the front seat. It's obvi better than the back and safer than sitting on top of the seats of a convertible on the highway with your friend by your right.  Also, buckle up.

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