Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blog #64: on taking my own advice

I went home sad from work yesterday. Not sick, sad. Though, being sad is kind of like being sick. I'd rather not get into all the pieces of whatever it was that had me down. Suffice it to say that I'm GREAT at telling other people to work through their difficult emotions when they happen rather than distracting themselves thus causing a huge build up only to lead to an inevitable meltdown 4 months down the road but I am not so great at doing the same thing for myself. Yes, that was one very long sentence. I am basically a super ball. You know, those bouncy balls you got from the quarter machines at the pizza place. When I meltdown, it happens fast and I hit hard, but I bounce back super quickly only for gravity to take its toll again. I'm fine now.

The main culprit is all the time I had the last couple of weeks due to unexpected client cancellations every day. Thankfully, from this moment forward my time and brain energy are pretty much spoken for until... next weekend. Not this weekend. From Friday to Sunday this weekend I will be at Camp Erin for Solace House playing with kids and therapy dogs. Today is "cheer myself back up day" and started with a double dose of caffeine (thanks, Snapple Diet Iced Raspberry Tea AND my office Keurig coffee!) and then I had some powdered donettes. I didn't look at the nutrition facts because, well, it's better that way. I'm not even sure they are edible but man are they delicious.

Don't worry. I won't ignore my brain/body when it tells me I need to take a break to be sad anymore. I'll just do it in a way that doesn't involve needing to go home from work because I can't show up to my internship with swollen/puffy eyes because it's a grief counseling center and I'm supposed to be the one doing the counseling.

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