Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog #25: 25 Things

In honor of this awesome day and of my 25th post on this blog, I have 25 bullet points, only numbered. 1. Today was awesome. 2. The company I work for is in the process of moving into a new building. Before, I sat in a little cube right outside my bosses office and also near the cafeteria where I got to enjoy all the unpleasant smells of people's alternative food choices like buttered popcorn at breakfast. Now, I am in my own office area and am part of the elite group that gets a break room and bathroom of our own far far away from the cafeteria. Victory. 3. One of my favorite things about my new office is the Keurig one cup coffee brewer (for management and guests only). I never drank the office coffee before because it was crap but now with the one cup brewer and the special additives (nice creamers, milk, splenda) I will never have to buy coffee again. I might even just stop in on the weekends to make myself a cup. 4. Another great thing about today, I AGAIN got to go to Target for work. My main task was to pick up the aforementioned creamers, but I also got myself a nice coat rack because I've always wanted a nice place to hang my coat at work and now I have one. 5. The funny thing about the coat rack is how I got it. First I said to my boss "Can I have a coat rack?" and he was like "There's a closet in the conference room." And then I said "but that's so far away!" And he said "so hang it up on your way in." And I didn't say anything else until I was leaving to go get the coffee stuff and said "I'm going to get coffee creamer and a coat rack." And he was like "fine." Then our CFO hung it up for me. 6. What is it about Target that just makes everything right in the world? How is it so awesome? 7. Another cool thing about my office? My bosses office. Or is it boss's? Grammatically I guess the 2nd one is more correct as far as possessives go but it just looks weird. Anyway, Boss man's office has a full bar and on Friday afternoons we get to drink. Not get wasted mind you, but I drank a glass of wine at work today. At work. I'm just saying. I mean, come ON. Awesome. 8. Boss Man will also soon be getting a shuffleboard table in his office. A shuffleboard table. 9. Another thing that will have you wondering whether I'm working for a company or an amusement park: we're going to have fountain drinks and a jukebox in our lunch room so that it looks like a 50's diner. No word yet on whether poodle skirts and sock hops will be mandatory. 10. After having a glass of wine with my boss and a couple coworkers at the office, we went out for margaritas at a Mexican place nearby. My favorite thing about my job is that I can say that I'm going out for drinks (or to a football game, or at a party, etc) with my boss and I mean it as a fun thing, not an annoying obligation. 11. I just realized how big of a commitment 25 bullet points was. 12. I was in such an excited/good mood today, I didn't even care that I was waiting for the coffee guy for an hour and a half at our new building with literally nothing to do. I may or may not have danced where my office space was. Was there music playing? No. Real ballers don't need music to rock a dance party. 13. I talked to our IT guy for like 20 minutes in the parking lot outside the Mexican place where we went for margaritas. It was freezing, but he's a talker and so am I so it went on forever. 14. Oh lord I'm only on number 14. 15. Go to You will not regret it. Believe me, I laughed out loud SO MUCH which got a little awkward because I was just by myself in my cubicle (before I moved to our new place and had an office area, obviously) and laughing like an idiot. 16. I am dying to go shopping. In a couple of weeks I'll have funds. 17. Speaking of "in a couple weeks," in 13 days I can preorder the new Verizon Iphone and in 20 days I'll have it in my hand!!! I AM SO JAZZED! I'M GEEKING OUT OVER IT AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE IT YET I WANT IT SO MUCH OMGLAKFJA;JFA;EIJTA;WIT 18. Technically I'm supposed to have been participating in internship/school things for like 2 weeks now but things keep being canceled because of the weather, so I'm still going home every night with nothing to do. I'm going stir crazy. I need to be busy again. 19. In about 45 days, when I am bemoaning how busy and stressed I am, please remind me of #18. 20. Oh finally, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! 21. Men and women are so different. I mean, captain obvious, I know. I just think that it's so obvious that it gets overlooked and underestimated. Sometimes, I hate how aware I am of the logical differences (not anatomical... pervs.) in communication styles because I just want to be pissy and throw a fit and let it out when really there's just a fundamental difference there that can't be completely resolved. It can be worked out... but really both sides just need to understand and be compassionate to one another in order to forge a compromise. 22. That was both deep and vague at the same time. I apologize. I'll try to work through it and talk about it another time. 23. I briefly considered taking myself to a movie as I passed the theatre going back to my apartment. However, I couldn't make up my mind about it before passing it and turning around seemed to cumbersome so that idea went out the window. 24. This was exhausting. 25. I think we've all learned a valuable lesson here about grand proclamations. Good night.

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