Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog #24: Stop the madness!

Oh. My. Gosh. I have been so whiney! Why didn't anyone tell me how annoying I sounded? Oh well. To update you all, on Monday I ended up getting a couple of things for work at Target and then while I was there I picked up some conversation hearts. Then, I put season 1 of Modern Family on my laptop and had that playing in the background while I ate candy and finished my workday. Then I went home and watched even more of it. My mood was sufficiently boosted. And then. The blizzard. Remember how when they had the first World War they called it the "Great War" because surely another war like that could never happen again? And then Hitler came along and BANG. Another one. That is how I feel about the snow. We had the big snowy apocolypse with the super low wind chill and the long drive into work. I thought, "Oh well, every winter has one bad blizzard week." I was happy to have it over with. Nowhere to go but up! But, no. Because yesterday afternoon from about 1 to who knows when... snow took over the Kansas City Metropolitan area. I think we got around 8-12 inches. In one day. My class got canceled (sidenote: I should be well into my second week of internship and first week of classes but I've had NOTHING.) so I was headed home. My 30 minute drive took me 2 and a half HOURS. That's 150 minutes. That's 5 times as long as it usually takes me. It was miserable. My wipers got all clogged up with snow/ice chunks and it was freezing on my windshield despite my desperate attempts to have my defrost on full blast which lead to my car feeling like a SAUNA and there I was with a sweater, coat, and thick scarf on sweating away. And the highways weren't even touched yet and had several inches of snow on them and my little baby Nissan Sentra was having all kind of difficulties going in a straight line and I'm pretty sure that at LEAST 5 years were taken off my life in that 150 minutes. But we're done whining now. Great news, tomorrow is Friday! This week was much quicker than the past 2 have felt. Hallelujah! I have hot plans to clean my apartment in my PJs on Friday and then have my nephews over for game night on Saturday. That's an evening with not one, but two charming young gentlemen. Back off ladies, they're all mine.

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