Monday, January 10, 2011

Blog #19: Snowy Apocalypse

Well, it's blizzarding in Kansas City so everyone is acting like it's the end of the world. And by everyone I mean me. When it snows like this all I want to do is hunker down in my home and snuggle up in a blanket. My alarm is set to a radio station and when it went off this morning I was greeted by a list of 200+ school closings in the Kansas City area. I looked out my window and saw that conditions appeared dismal. I began to plan the text I would send to my boss about doing my morning work from home and trying to wait until noon to come in to let the snow plows have a chance to do their thing. However, right as I formulated this plan, I saw an email from him at 6:15. He was already at work. He was asking that we all do our best to get in as it was going to be a skeleton crew and he needed management to set an example. Usually I love my boss. I should have been a teacher. My drive to work is usually 25 minutes of stress-free minimal traffic bliss. It's generally very easy to manage. It allows me to gear up for a day at work. I usually leave at around 6:50-7 and get to work between 7:15 and 7:30. This gives me 30 minutes before it is business hours for me to continue my getting into gear process. Today, I left at 6:50 and did not get to work until 8:05. Yes, that is an hour and 15 minutes. And it wasn't just an easy peasy stress free drive either. It was like a journey through frozen tundras of Hell. Cars were spun out everywhere and the highway hadn't even been thought about by snow plows yet. I didn't get above 30mph for the whole trip. I usually go about 75. It is by an act of God that I made it safely. I'm the first to tell you that I'm an okay driver on a great day but I get nervous easily and am TERRIBLE in bad weather - and my little Sentra isn't built for it either. Not like boyfriend, who drives a big truck built for this kind of weather - but he's a teacher so he's at home relaxing today. Jerk. Anyhow, Nessie Nissan was tiny and afraid and the trip was long and scary. And, great news, the weather is REALLY supposed to get nasty between 4 and 6! Just in time for the commute home! I'm trying to decide how inappropriate it would be to sleep under my desk so that I can get here in time for my 7am meeting tomorrow. If only I'd packed a change of clothes.

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