Friday, January 14, 2011

Blog #21: WebMD & the Self Diagnosis of Ulcers

Greetings and TGIF... RIGHT? Where have I been, you ask? I left work a little early (which just means "before 5" though, working from 6:20am-4:15pm is hardly leaving "early) Tuesday to spend some time with this guy: Yeah. I know. LUCKY ME BOOYAH. He is crawling EVERYWHERE and we were also lucky enough to witness him pulling himself up on his exersaucer ALL BY HIMSELF for what we assume is the first or one of the first times. It was magical. I love him. I want to hold him all of the time. Then it was Wednesday which was a busy and long day at work. I don't remember a lot about it, actually. It must have been pretty boring. Afterwards I watched some TV and went to sleep. Then it was 4am Thursday and my insides were rebelling against me. I'll spare you the disgusting details but suffice it to say that my stomach was not pleased and I would be working from home. It was okay though, because then I got to try the "work, nap, work, nap" cycle I'd been planning. Okay, so I haven't really been planning it but I might instigate it now. It went something like this: 1. Log in to remote work desktop from laptop in bed 2. do some reports 3. email reports. 4. nap for an hour or so 5. wake up, check emails 6. respond to emails 7. nap for an hour or so 8. repeat until 5:00pm. Then shut off laptop and watch movies on HBO. If it weren't for the nausea and other stomach pain, I'd call it the ideal workday. But, alas. Today did not start up much better. I had a near repeat of the great coffee disaster of 2011 ALREADY. I mean, I did spill my coffee. Everywhere. Before I even got a sip. But, only a marginal amount even got on my jeans and it was in a location that was barely noticable so instead of having to change, I just went to work cranky and caffeine-less. I had a doctor's appointment today. Just a regular physical (all that fun stuff) but I also told her about my weird hunger pangs and the WebMd research that leads me to believe I have an ulcer. I'm not sure if doctors really appreciate that sites like WebMD exist, especially for health hypervigilant people such as myself who research every little gurgle, itch, or ache until I come up with a diagnosis. However, she humored me and had blood drawn, as well as giving me some samples of nexium and a handout on how to ease symptoms. One main thing that she thought may be my problem was a high caffeine intake. That didn't stop me from getting a large diet coke from Sonic on the way back to work though. I mean, it was happy hour. It was only 98 cents. What would you do in a situation like that? Besides, I've had ZERO caffeine today. ZERO. And now that I believe I've successfully eaten a sandwich (true success will be determined in the next hour or so) and have had my Sonic drink, and only have about 90 minutes left of work... Friday is looking up. Tonight I'm meeting boyfriend for Mexican and then we're going to have a date night in. Then, tomorrow is our 5th and final Christmas gathering with his aunt&uncle&fam. I think it will involve cute kids and NFL playoff football so I won't complain. Hopefully this weekend helps reset my working clock so that the work week doesn't seem so long and the weekends so short. The holiday season of short weeks and long weekends spoiled me and now I feel like it should always be that way. That was a million words about pretty boring stuff but that is my life lately. Next week school starts and a couple weeks after that I will get my VERIZON IPHONE so I'm sure I'll have much more interesting things to share then.

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