Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blog #9: FOOTBALL!!!!

If football bores you, this is not the post for you. I am halfway through probably what has the potential to be the greatest football weekend of all time. Today, I traveled to Maryville to watch the heroes in green (the Northwest Missouri State University BEARRRRRRRCATS as the announcer calls them) take on the UCM Mules. Again. This time at home and for the right to go to the National Semifinals. After breaking their hearts in their own house by stealing a game away from them with a last second field goal. (That was the game in which Mrs. Coach T introduced me to "lucky licorice.") This game has had me nervous all week. I did everything I could to summon good Bearcat mojo. I changed my facebook profile picture to our last UCM victory picture. I even did some minor trash talking with some help from the song "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch." ("You nauseate me, UCM. With a nauseous super 'NAUS'") I read the messageboards every day looking for hope. Then, the day came. I put on my warm winter coat and my Bearcat hat, packed my lucky licorice, and went on the road with my partner in Bearcat fannage, my stepdad. AND THE BEARCATS WERE AWESOME. I however, need to seriously rethink my layering strategy. I was so cold I thought I might freeze to death and never get to live to see my boys win another game by more than 4 points. It's important that I get my warm dressing figured out and adjusted though, because tomorrow I'll be outside all afternoon for yet another football game - our heroes in red, The Kansas City Chiefs! I'M GOING TO THE BRONCOS GAME BECAUSE MY BOSS IS A MAN OF MEN AND GAVE ME HIS AWESOME TICKETS OMGKDFJA;LKARIA;J!!!!!! I better stop. I'm going to gather warm clothes now. Later.

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