Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blog #10: Mojo and Long Underwear

How many times in a row is too many times to watch an episode of Glee? Don't answer that. The answer will only shame me. Between Glee, the return of The Sing Off (OMG TALENT), and the upcoming animated Christmas episode of Community, TV is looking REALLY good this week. I never watched this much TV until I graduated. Now I somehow manage to watch like 15 shows a week while working and maintaining my grad school 4.0 and mid distance boyfriend. And my Wednesday class teacher says 4.0 students aren't well rounded. I have a dinky three page paper due Thursday. Obviously, I'll start that tomorrow. My only other semester ending responsibility is a test NEXT Wednesday so I've got some atypical free time. I'll use it to plan our office winter gathering and send every possible positive mojo vibe to my Bearcats. Semifinals on Saturday. 5:00pm. In Duluth, MN. The high temperature is 15. Please send your mojo too. We need mojo. And possibly some long underwear.

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