Monday, December 20, 2010

Blog #13: PJ Pants and Shenanigans.

My, my the last couple of days have been swamped. It all started Friday night when I facilitated the our office holiday party. Everyone seemed to have a good time. It went smoothly, we all enjoyed our Chinese food and the Christmas Story playing in the background and the games for awesome prizes. However, my problem is that because of the massive amount of blood, sweat and tears that I had invested in this party, I had massive expectations. In fact, short of being carried out on the shoulders of the employees while they're chanting "Marissa! Marissa! Marissa!" I was bound to feel as though it was a failure. Obviously, that didn't happen. Maybe next year. Saturday was 6 total hours of driving for 5 total hours of boyfriend's family time. It was worth it though because they're great. Out of nowhere, on the way back, there was some really thick snow causing poor visibility and white knuckles on the steering wheel. I don't watch the weather so I had no clue it was coming so I called my mom to see what else I could expect, and it turns out the weathermen had said NOTHING about it anyway. Shenanigans. And THAT my friends, is why I don't bother watching the weather. Of course, as I think blogging technology has yet to make it to the hereafter, I made it home alive. Yesterday was annual Christmas bunko (or bunco?) day at Grandma Jones. Bunko/bunco is a fun dice game that mainly housewives and old ladies seem to play but I think it should get more attention because it is a BLAST. People get prizes for most wins, losses, and triples. Anyhow, we play every year and in the 5+ years that this has been going on, the only thing I have ever "won" is most losses. NOT THIS TIME MY FRIENDS. Thanks to a 7 game winning streak in the middle of the 3 rounds, I am now the holder of the "Most Wins" title. That's right, I'm a champion. Today is the legendary annual Christmas Baking Day with Mom. It starts at noon, so in the meantime I've got to get some work done in my PJ pants, finish a little bit of Christmas shopping (because I keep thinking I'm done and more people keep jumping out of the woodwork that need gifts). Tomorrow I'm taking my little sister out shopping for Mom's gift. Then Wednesday it is dinner with a long lost friend, Thursday Christmas dinner with my dad, Friday is Christmas Eve with my family, Saturday is Christmas Day with Todd's family... and then we have a couple of days off before New Year's festivities commence. I. LOVE. THIS. TIME. OF. YEAR. Tomorrow I'm going to share an email with you that illustrates why my best friend is my best friend.

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