Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blog #14: Correspondence

I'd forgotten* that I'd promised to illustrate to you why my best friend is my best friend. I feel this is best illustrated in showing you an email & reply between the two of us. from Marissa to Cate: "what are you doing tonight?" And on a scale of 1-10, how willing would you be to first: help me find the perfect pair of black booties to wear with my party dress and then assist me in creating a poster that looks like a frosty pole with the words “Triple Dog Dare” at the top for the “stick the tongue to the pole game” as well as possibly cut out some tongues and wrap some fudge with me? Also, have you SEEN A Christmas Story? Part of me feels like you haven’t. We could have it on while we worked. Let me know if your services are available. In other news, I took my final in 10 minutes last night. It was 100 questions. I feel good about it. I’d have to get under a D on it to get less than an A in the class so I’m really not worried. I’ve pretty much been kicking ass and taking names all week long. Apparently, I respond well to heartbreak. from Cate to Marissa: "RE: what are you doing tonight?" Sorry from 9 this morning until 2:30 I was away from my desk running around for the Women in Leadership Holiday Luncheon and TeamWORK’s Holiday project and then from 2:30 until now I was hiding under my desk crying because my feet hurt so bad. Or maybe I was just catching up on work from this morning. Either way, I’m sorry I haven’t responded yet. I am sad because I love making posters and shopping for black booties but Richie and I have plans tonight with Kelly and Steve. Kelly went to Westminster so she’s an old friend who is now in dental school and Steve is her boyfriend. We don’t see them much and have had these plans tonight for a while. I’m sorry I’m going to miss out on wrapping fudge I secretly nibble on while you aren’t looking and cutting out tongues hopefully from the mouths of the Duluth, Minnesota football team you somehow tricked into coming over to your apartment to “hang out”. And that's why she's my best friend. Stay tuned next time for the adventures of Christmas Baking Day. *EDIT: I guess I didn't forget because it looks like yesterday I said "tomorrow" which means that I did this right on time. Disregard the part where I said I forgot. Carry on.

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