Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blog #81:Bet you're not so civilized

Things certainly are looking up around here.

NFL football is back. This is huge. Without the NFL, the blog this Fall would just be a series of posts of me whining about having nothing to do on Sundays. Or Monday  nights outside of internship. And sometimes Thursdays. Oh snap! I just realized to cut down my ATT Uverse bill, I got rid of all bonus channels! I'm going to have to find someone with ESPN and NFL network and make them my new best friend. Apply within.

The Chiefs are totally rocking their free agency too. I don't know that I've been this excited about a Chiefs season before it started before now. I guess an AFC West title and a kick ass (albeit shortened by the lockout) off season are all it takes to light my football fire.

No football centered post would be complete without mentioning my Bearcats. Poor buddies. I'm still smarting over the loss in the semi's last season, which was then followed by an emotional roller coaster off season wherein our iconic and legendary head coach retired, passing on his title to a man devoted to the Bearcats as Defensive coordinator for 14+ years. Coach Bostwick was ready to take on his dream job when he suffered a fatal heart attack before getting a chance to coach a game. The upcoming season is charged with so many emotions it could go to the extreme in either direction. It is my belief that the Bearcats are resilient and will play with a purpose stronger than we understand.

So, fair warning, if you don't care about football - be prepared to be very uninterested in me for a few months.

In other news, I'm about to have a whirlwind of a weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to see Cinderella the musical at Starlight with my sister in law. Saturday I have some Solace House hours, then I'll be taking my little sister to a big old country extravaganza at Arrowhead featuring Zac Brown Band (my main attraction) and Kenny Chesney (Madi's main attraction.) Then, Sunday my cousin and I are participating in WARRIOR DASH (all caps because you get a viking hat) wherein we will climb rope ladders, jump over fire, and crawl through mud. Our outfits are themed after the 80's classic, Scandal's "Warrior." Shooting at the walls of heartache. Bang Bang. Enjoy the video below.

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