Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blog #78: There's a video at the end of this one.

Bad news. The migraine/sinus headache/brain tumor hybrid is back. It began yesterday morning and despite an exhorbitant amount of drugs, water, and caffeine it will not leave. When I stand up too quickly I get the really fun experience of having about 10 seconds of super intense pain. I experienced the most relief after sleeping and showering this morning, but it settled in again after I got to work. Crap.

Otherwise, everything is great. Boss is out of town so I have been parking in his primo numero uno spot this week. It's nice always having a guaranteed place to put Edie Elantra. I can feel free actually leaving over lunch or for errands instead of hoarding my "I got here at 7am so I got the best spot other than executives and visitors" parking space in a "MY PRECIOUS" manner. The downside is... well Boss is out of town. Days are considerably less interesting.

I can not say enough good things about Friday Night Lights. I am now 10 episodes in (yes, in 3 days) and OH IT IS LOVE. Seriously. Kyle Campbell as Coach Taylor is phenom and I want to be love his wife (on the show) too.

I'm wearing my cowboy boots (or do I say cowgirl boots? Or do I say Jessica Simpson Western Inspired boots, because I did not get them at a country western store, rather I ordered them from Nordstrom online?) today. I'm just getting in the spirit.

I am so ready for this weekend! Friday night is BFF reunion, Saturday is some SH hours as well as another stop at Trader Joes and nonstop Friday Night Lights marathon chores around the apartment. Then Sunday, I will be heading to Lawrence to meet up with the FC and plan our WARRIOR (shooting at the walls of heartache, BANG BANG) outfits for the Warrior Dash next Sunday!

I am kind of falling in love with Chris Young. Let me tell you about my first reaction to his song, "Tomorrow". I heard it and thought, "Well this is incredibly selfish and unhealthy." I changed the station when it came on. Then, once I thought, "he does have a good voice, though. And he's super sexy." I figured it couldn't hurt to let it play through. And then I had "the moment." The one where the song is playing and I hear him belting out the chorus and I HAD TO HAVE IT. I thought, "OHMYGOSH THIS SONG IS THE BEST EVER I NEED TO LISTEN TO IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN." Then I watched the music video and fell even more in love. Country music, what are you doing to me?

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