Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blog # 74: THUNDER

Oh my gosh you guys I am so tired today. I don't think I have been sleeping well the last couple of nights because waking up in the morning has been a challenge this week. You might say, "Marissa, it's probably because you watch those episodes of Criminal Minds before you go to bed wherein they feature characters that kill people then rip their eyes out or drink their blood or make women have babies then murder them." To which I would reply "Excellent use of the word 'wherein!. And you're probably right."

This morning it was storming to beat the band outside as I woke up. I'm not kidding. For a second, after one particularly startling blast of thunder, I wondered if ACDC was giving a concert outside my window. I knew I had to shower because I was gross, but I only half heartedly attempted to blow dry my hair. I had no interest in fooling myself into wasting THAT energy only to be drenched upon walking out the door. Then, I looked in my closet which is currently in shambles to try to find something suitable for work/solace house and hit a wall.All I wanted was comfort and ease in dressing. I was desperate for jeans. Thursdays aren't usually a jeans day for me because we aren't supposed to wear them when we have clients at SH but I couldn't resist. Jeans and a flowy top. Gladiator sandals. I grabbed some non-blue denim to change into for when I see clients later but comfort is the name of the game today. Now I'm going to put my head down on my desk and sleep until my boss gets back. I wish.

OH! B T DUBBS. I put my personal shopping skills to use again over the weekend in helping my mom pick out some good summer skirts for those hot Texas days when she doesn't want to wear shorts. I love helping other people shop because I get to be involved in the act of shopping (which I love) and styling (which I also love) wihtout spending money (which I don't mind but let's face it, I don't have it to spend.)We ventured out to the Outlet Malls at Osage Beach. We spent quite a bit of time at Gap outlet but left empty handed. Nothing sang to us in the way that said "I'm cute enough and cheap enough that I'm worth standing 20 minutes in line for!" so we moved on to the same parent company but different store in Banana Republic. That, my friends, is where we hit the gold mine. Like Gap, everything at BR was an additional 50% off the listed price for the 4th of July (God Bless you, America and Herbie Hancock!). I was going to post pictures of the skirts I helped her pick out and explain how I advised her to wear them but because they are outlet I can not find them on the website. I will try to get some shots of her modeling a few looks for next time.

85: Days until my 27th (EEK) birthday
74: Days until I go SKYDIVING in Colorado
67: Days until the Bearcat Football home opener in Maryville
24: Days until The Warrior Dash
23: Days until the Zac Brown Band concert at Arrowhead (field seats - BOOYAH!)
8: Days until I see THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS MY ROOMMATE and we take in a show at Starlight then hit the town.

There's like 2 other Starlight shows sprinkled in there somewhere and I'm sure some other occasional fun things, but those are the biggies. I try to keep my life event filled and wonderful.

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