Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blog #73: My life is always an adventure

I'm re-entering my life after a 6 day hiatus in which I drove to Denver, to Greeley, back to Denver, to Colorado Springs, back to Kansas City, to The Ozarks, and back to Kansas City again. All in all I put in over 30 hours of driving in a one week span. It's as awesome as it sounds.

I actually don't mind spending a day driving WEST across KS. The drive out always seems to go quicker and the anticipation of spending time in one of my favorite places (Colorado) with my favorite people (family and camp friends) energizes me. It's the drive EAST across KS that makes me feel like I'm dying a slow death. Next time I do it, I'm planning some treats for myself for the drive back aside from my typical stop at the Colby, KS Oasis on the Plains. Indeed, some wine tasting at Oz Winery and a detour to see the live six legged steer should make the trip better.

So after a whirlwind 3 days in Colorado in which I went to a bachelorette party, visited the sweetest brand new baby, went to a wedding, and then went and then visited one of my favorite cousins, I drove back to Kansas City. My plan was to drive straight through to the Ozarks but by the time I got to KC I was nearly in tears wanting to sleep. So, sleep I did. SLEEP, I DID. Then I got up bright and early Sunday morning to drive down to Sunrise Beach in the Ozarks to spend a night (2 days) with my mom and family who I never get to see anymore because they are in Austin all the time. We spent the majority of our time immersed in the Casey Anthony trial because it was too humid and hot to consider spending too much time outside. We only went outside to watch the fireworks sunday evening because after the Casey Anthony special there was an undercover special on sex trafficking that was really bumming us out.

One of my favorite moments for the weekend occurred when we were out on the driveway watching fireworks. Neither my mom or I really care for fireworks that much, but we don't mind them from a distance (insert Bette Midler reference here..."From a distance, the world...something something something). Anyhow, there we were watching fireworks and I was so swept up in the patriotism that I played Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" on my phone and my mom and I both proudly stood up next to each other at the appropriate moment in the song. The whole thing was done intentionally over the top on both of our parts.

It was an exciting 6 days and I am reluctantly letting them go in order to move on with life and get back into the routine of 15 hour packed full days of work, school, internship. Lucky for me I am always looking forward to one adventure or another and the next 75 days are no exception:

24: Days until I get to see the Zac Brown Band live
25: Days until I get to participate in the Warrior Dash
65: Days until I get to drive up to Maryville for the Bearcat Football home opener
72: Days until I get to go SKY DIVING in Colorado with my aunt and cousins.

The month of August is unfortunately empty. I'll work on that.

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