Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blog #82: Fractions!

The weekend was 2/3 the adventure I expected it to be. I'm sure things should probably be weighted a little differently and that my fraction is probably inaccurate but I'm proud of myself for even including a fraction in the blog post so I'm going to go with it. Numbers and I don't typically get along unless I'm doing basic arithmetic to figure out how much a $50 pair of shoes on sale for 40% off is. ($30... GO ME!).

Anyhow, I simply was attempting to say that 2 out of the 3 amazing things I had planned for this weekend went off with very little of a hitch. My sister in law and I saw Cinderella at Starlight Friday night and though there were a few sprinkles near the end of the show, we avoided major rainfall. Saturday was HOT. I mean that both ways. One, in that the temperature on the field at Arrowhead Stadium during the AWESOME Zac Brown portion of the concert rivaled that of the Sahara Desert (in my mind, at least. I've never been there.) Secondly, in that cowboys are HOT. I could just look at Billy Currington forever, unless Chris Young was nearby. The third event, and one might argue the MAIN event of my weekend was SUPPOSED TO BE the Warrior Dash. Rachael and I were SO ready.

And then Mother Nature got all hot flashy/menopausal on us and the heat became "dangerous". Nevermind that 1. it's called the Warrior Dash, not the "too wimpy to run in hot weather" Dash and 2. we sign a waiver saying we know the risks. I actually could have been a lot more empathetic to Red Frog Event's position had they handled the cancellation of the afternoon waves in any semblance of a professional manner but I digress.My new plan is to take a weekend trip to St. Louis in October to see my best friend and doing the Warrior Dash near them.

In other news, I'm getting ready to start selling things so that I can start stowing away money for my big move in 6 months. A rolling stone gathers no moss and whatnot. I need to sell my crap so that it doesn't hold me back. February 1st is moving day. Austin, TX is going to look real good around then.

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