Monday, August 15, 2011

Blog #84: Here I go again.

Musicals are THE BEST. I had a very low key Sunday and turned the TV on to see if basic cable had anything to offer me during a lazy evening after cleaning my apartment and it did indeed! (I mean, besides the 90's Diane Keaton movie and what appeared to be a karaoke murder mystery.)

PBS so graciously was showing a stage show of Les Miserables, which I (believe it or not) had not seen despite knowing and loving many of the iconic songs from the performance. I also knew the basic tenets of the story. That didn't stop me from being moved by the beauty of the story and passion of the music. Wow. I've been listening to the original cast soundtrack all morning and am now in the process of reading the Victor Hugo novel.

Because I can't just like something in passing.  You all know this about me by now.

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