Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog #28: An Interesting Development and How You Win

Here's an interesting development. It would appear that there are phases to this whole broken heart thing. I mean, the first few days I didn't feel like doing anything and was so miserable that I thought my heart might be bleeding into my stomach. I can't quite rule that out yet, but a new emotion has worked its way into my life. Rage. It sounds violent and scary but really is better for me. With this phase has come marked mood improvement and more optimistic view of my future. I think about all the time spent, love declared, and all the things I gave up and then I get pissed. The "I'll show him" attitude that I've acquired has resulted in some pretty bad ass weekend plans. I'm going to have a girls' night out to end all girls' nights out. The outfit will kill. The make up will be perfect. The alcohol will flow. And... thanks to my unbelievable boss... there will be a limo. A limo. This is assuming that the 3rd Snowy Apocalypse doesn't ruin all of our lives. Remember when I wrote that whole thing comparing the snow to the whole world war thing? Well I hope this is where the analogy falls apart because this 3rd blizzard has been worse than the other two combined and a comparative 3rd world war might be a real apocalypse. So I'm going to stay mad and look hot and go out and have the best time ever. Kellie Pickler style. And that is how you win.

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