Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog #33: I'M BACK!

I am on a roll with this whole blog thing! I don't know what I meant with that. I suppose I was referencing that I am posting fairly regularly, at least the past couple of weeks... but for that to matter I would have to have some sort of readership or fan base which I am sure is probably not the case. So scratch that. I'm going to leave it there, along with my embarrassing explanation, just to keep things real. I wanted to blog about this new (or more like returning) attitude of mine, but I'm not entirely sure how to describe what I've been feeling lately. When I sit and reflect on it, I tend to think phrases like "I'm BACK," or "I've woken up." When I try to think of my moods and general being before the past month... I would describe myself as "muted" or "fuzzy." I think from about August (or maybe before...) to mid January I was a toned down version of myself. The last week or so of January would be when the change started and by the end of the first week of February, I was more energized and just felt happier. It's like those commercials for allergy medicines where the view before is okay but then the camera filter changes (to reflect the change after medication) and everything is so much more bright and vivid. I'm familiar and used to seeing the world in that way but did not realize until I got back to it that I wasn't there. It's kind of amazing actually, and inspires a lot of gratitude. If things were ALWAYS as bright and vivid as they are now, I would not appreciate it as much. There've been a couple of changes that this reawakening can be attributed to, but I think it's more likely that just the right cocktail of events and life changes happened to put me in the place I am now, and I'm so happy it did. In other news, here are a few less deep and more fun things: 1. I've listened to the Tenth Avenue North song, "Beloved" by playing a YouTube video on my iPhone approximately 8 times in a row already this morning. How many plays does it take to get to the purchasing point of an iTunes song? I will let you know. I'm also currently running this experiment on the new Adele album, specifically the song "Someone Like You." 2. Weirdly hypervigilant about changes in your health? There's an app for that! I am a Web MD fiend and with my recently acquired iPhone, have discovered that I can have the symptom checker at my fingertips! My obsessiveness has reached new levels. 3. I'm so excited to be starting a Bible study soon with some amazing women. Check out Ashleigh, Andrea, Erica, and Catharine.

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