Monday, February 14, 2011

Blog #30: All You Need is Love

It's Valentine's Day!!!!! What? Did you expect me to be bitter and sad about it? Think again. I decided a few years ago that it is a HUGE waste of energy to have a bad attitude about this commercial day of loooooooove. And yes, the temporal recency of my return to singledom might be a good reason to pout on such a day... but I REFUSE! Pouting gives you wrinkles. I spent a good several years from high school through college hating the day just because I never had that "special" Valentine, and it was stupid. Negativity is unattractive. It doesn't look good on anyone. Seriously, a Megan Fox couldn't pull off a bad attitude like that. Look, I'm a cheesy sucker for a reason to celebrate. I love love. I love love songs. I love chocolate shaped like hearts. I love to wear red high heels. I love to make treats for people. Today is PERFECT for me. I love getting surprises... and my dad never fails to send me a little something for Valentine's day. I realize that takes a little away from the "surprise" aspect but it's never a total guarantee. And one day, when I meet the perfect guy for me, we'll have a great time celebrating this fun day together. (I will make sure said perfect guy understands my need for a grand gesture on occasion.) For now, I'm happy to enjoy and celebrate it as a single woman. There's no reason NOT to... just like there's no reason NOT to celebrate every day. I have soooooo much. To focus on one of the few things that I don't have right now, a romantic relationship, would be silly. I've got plenty of people who I love and who love me. I've got a great job, great friends, the opportunity to pursue higher education, a great apartment, a great car, a great life. I'm not bragging or anything, just focusing on the haves instead of the have nots. It's an easy way to be happy. I have super romantic plans to spend the evening in my research methods and design class. Don't be jealous that all you're doing is having a candlelight dinner and exchanging meaningful gifts with the love of your life. Maybe next year you can spend Valentine's day in a classroom full of grad students. During the day, though, I'm handing out these to whoever so happens to be lucky enough to come see me: I don't want to brag or exaggerate, but the words "magical" and "life changing" have been used to describe these cookies. The secret ingredient is love, of course.

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