Friday, September 23, 2011

Blog #94: Awesome & Lucky People

The title for this post was inspired by the most adorable quote from my nephew. We were driving back home and my oldest nephew was entertaining us by using an app on his phone to tell us which celebrities were celebrating birthdays. Then, out of nowhere, my younger nephew, 7, said this little gem, "We're lucky people. We're awesome and lucky people."

And then my heart melted. Which made it difficult to drive.

He's right though, and it's been on my mind all week. There were awesome things about every day, though nothing ridiculously extraordinary. I think my mind was primed to see the awesome in everything because of the amazing weekend I had with my family - it was just what I needed to reset myself and re-energize. So, even though my iPhone took a swim in the toilet Saturday night (oops), I had a hard time feeling too down about it. Here are just a few awesome things from this week, that have me feeling lucky:

- Got super exclusive CEO parking spot
- Totally absorbed in a project at work, got it done much quicker than expected and felt extra productive.
- Unexpectedly got to go home early from Solace House, and got to spend the evening watching the premiers of How I Met Your Mother, The Sing Off*, and Castle

*Absolutely the best reality/competition show on TV. The judges are Ben Folds, Sara Bareilles and Sean from BoyzIIMen. It doesn't get any better than that.

- Parking Spot again
- Treated myself to a Starbies PSL because it was an early morning at work.
- Office wellness class at 7:30am involved using fun stretch bands and dancing/punching around to fun music.
- I got to show off my Sky Diving pics
- Through the magic of cell phone insurance, I got my replacement iPhone at a significantly reduced price
- More awesome productivity
- Potluck night at Solace House = awesome food
- Discovered that the family of Shel Silverstein released a collection of previously unpublished poems. Immediately went out and got myself a copy. Read it. It was wonderful. More on that later.
- Modern Family season premier (best sitcom on TV, as evidenced by Emmys.)
- parking spot again
- stopped by Hyvee before work to discover they were FINALLY carrying the holiday coffeemate creamers... including Pumpkin Spice (I'm a pumpkin FIEND in the Fall.)
- Also noticed that the movie Bridesmaids had been released. HAD to get myself a copy.
- Excellent talk at Solace House with my supervisor & other intern. Was there until 9:45 but didn't even notice!

Friday is awesome because it is Friday. Tomorrow I am going to Cider Days in Topeka (another Fall obsession: apple cider and honeycrisp apples) with my Grandma. Party move, I know.

Life is great.

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