Thursday, March 12, 2015

Blog #180: Whole 28 Day 5

I am finishing up day 5 of my #whole28.  According to the time line on the whole 30 website,  days 2 and 3 were "hangover" days and yesterday & today were supposedly "kill all the things" days. However,  I've experienced very little of either of those things. In fact, aside from an occasional headache and continued difficulty waking up in the morning,  I'm still largely in the day 1 "so what's the big deal?" mode. I am attributing this to 2 things:
1. The genesis of this amazing spring weather
2. My incessant water habit covering a multitude of past diet sins.

I do hope that I'm doing it right. I worry a little that if I don't hate life enough it's not working - thanks, diet culture. "If you don't absolutely want to jump into traffic by day 4 YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG"

Because I am obsessive and ridiculous,  I have purchased the book written by the Whole30 creators and have been soaking it in like a sponge reading about why I'm doing what I'm doing. You guys, it makes so much sense and food effects so much more than how we look or what we weigh or our stomach symptoms AND WHY AREN'T MORE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THIS?  It's so logical and when pointed out and it seems so obvious that it makes me feel like I have basically been jumping up and down with my eyes closed and arms up yelling "I'm not really here!  I'm not really here! " like unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in order to have never had it click for me. (Side note,  if you haven't watched that amazing show on netflix yet I pronounce YOU ridiculous.  Pull yourself together)

I admit that I am fully on board. I'm drinking the Kool-aid.  Well, I'm not drinking kool-aid... that wouldn't be whole 30 compliant.  But I'm drinking the black coffee.  I believe.  I love what I'm eating and I don't feel badly about it after. I really believe I am investing in a healthier,  happier me. And I'm already thinking of how I can make these choices sustainable for the long term once the experiment is over.

But now I'm tired and need to wind down for bed... so maybe my next phase is coming early.

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  1. I do have joined "my girl" on this journey and while I don't have the book yet...I will! Same time frame, same mood, prefer iced tea and loving life!